Why You Need to Shut up About PDLC For RE5 Multiplayer

Brandon "Frank" writes:

"I'm sick and tired of hearing people complain about the PDLC for Resident Evil 5. I like to compare Resident Evils to Bioshock. It's the type of game where you don't need a multiplayer to feel like you bought a complete game."

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gavner3562d ago

Is it really 'extra' though. Sure it uses resources not on the disk. But it's unrealistic to think that they didn't plan it during the development cycle.

snaz273562d ago

i just think that there recent trend of trying to squeeze some extra cash out of there games is just wrong! and not really what dlc is for! its supposed to add more life to a game in the long term! this i will pay for! but when they hold stuff back on purpose! or even lock things that are on the disk you paid for! i wont buy that and infact wont even buy the game on principle... i said it like this to a friend... say you buy a car and your more than happy with what you bought but a week later you get a puncture... you open the boot to get your spare but theres a padlock on it with a combination!? you phone up the manufacturer and they say oh yeah thats extra if you want the code just pay us 20 quid! would you be happy? would you want to buy from that company again? well for me it would be hell no! but people who like these pdlc rip-offs maybe they would just bend over and say oh yes please!!!

N4Sony3562d ago

Outdated control scheme and pacing mechanics. Outdated story telling that isn't acceptable even in the action genre after MGS4's blockbuster showing (thank you Kojima) and now this whole bit of crap. Hence the rent and non-purchase. F'N Capcom.

Vicophine3562d ago

Agreed. Renting this game or buying it cheap off eBay.

wardrox3562d ago

Outdated? What replaced it? That's like complaining Ridge Racer's controls are out dated. That's just what that game has. Go back to gears if you can't cope with Survival Horror.

snaz273562d ago

shouldnt a survival horror actually contain some horror? everyone is saying they took the horror out of re now so what is it just an action game now? lol... uncharted had its scary moment so now that must be survival horror lol... but if you wanna talk about a REAL survival horror lets talk dead space which is awesome! and guess what mate you can move and shoot! amazing isnt it

TheDuke773562d ago

Did the author of that article come across as a total d1ck to anyone else.

Rockstar3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

This game costs 69.00 CDN, 10 bucks more than most games.
Not sure if it's because of our dollar or it's more expensive everywhere, but for that price the DLC should have been included "FOC" so to speak.

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