GameZone: EA's John Salera Gives Us a Godfather II Interview We Couldn't Refuse

GameZone writes: "A few years ago, EA's Godfather: The Game launched and put gamers in the universe of the classic film franchise for the first time. The result was a commercial smash hit, selling huge numbers and giving gamers an alternate take on the open-world gameplay formula. Now, EA is looking to replicate the success of that title with their upcoming entry to the franchise, The Godfather II.

The Godfather II takes the elements that were successful in the original title and adds some great new features, including a new Don's View element that allows you to manage your business and your crime empire in a sim-like fashion, as well as interact with other crime families in the area. The game promises to be not only a much deeper overall experience than its predecessor, but also will be pretty easy to grasp as well."

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