Eurogamer: Cities XL Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Once, on my way back from a Starfox Armada preview, I was shot at by a frog flying a spaceship. Okay: that isn't entirely true - but I did get lost in London on my way to check out Monte Cristo's new urban planning MMO, Cities XL.

I spent twenty frustrating minutes spent describing accidental circles in the muddle of streets that makes up Chancery and finding myself confronted every 90 seconds with the very same statue of a Griffin, as if involved in some tedious kind of devotional ritual. By the time I arrived at the offices of Monte Cristo's PR agency, I was ready to strip tarmac from the road, right-click towering office buildings into piles of dusty rubble, and control-alt-delete the entire financial district. I didn't want a city builder to play with as much as a city leveller."

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