Awomo claims to be 'holy grail' of game downloads

GDI's proprietary speedy download tech explained...

Games Domain International's proprietary 'Awomo' branded technology – which allows gamers to download and play games in a fraction of the time this previously took – has caused something of a stir in the gaming community this month. But what is it? And how does it work?

"We intend Awomo to be your digital library for games, and you can read into that what you want!" Communications Director Tim Ponting told TechRadar, informing us that the company has already signed up hundreds of classic and new games in preparation for the final launch of the service later this year

"The great thing about AWOMO - and crucial for its rapid growth - is the range of partners already on board who have a vested interest in sharing in our success. Unlike the leaders in the music download market, our business model is inclusive, and that's the key."...

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