Blizzard Prepares for StarCraft 2 Beta?

The official beta page for BlizzCon beta keys has been updated by Blizzard.

The page has been redone to include a beta signup, and is likely for StarCraft 2, but there is a problem with the Signup Keys from BlizzCon 2008.

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Dorjan3228d ago

Stop teasing us and let us play!!!

Leord3228d ago

I don't think the release will be until sometime like 6 months from now, sorry dude...

SCFreelancer3228d ago

I totally agree, they are driving me crazy!

Leord3228d ago

One would think they could at least announce the beta date that we already know they have set internally! =(

SCFreelancer3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

@Leord: Well, true. But in the worst case scenario they might actually have crossed it already! Good possible announcement dates are GDC San Francisco(23-27 march, if they attend), 31st of March or 1st of April (not sure which one, but one of those two is the birthday of Starcraft).

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Leord3228d ago

The question is really if it IS the SC beta signup they are fiddling with, or just doing maintenance on the site.

kalos3228d ago

Neither, they're just taunting us

Leord3228d ago

Hm, yeah, that would be kinda Blizzard-style... They have been known to do it before!

King Klear3228d ago

...the waiting is getting tiresome.

Maticus3228d ago

Yeah it could just be a coincidence. However, a little close to the SCII development news for my liking, probably has something to do with it.

Cogo3228d ago

Well, things are seldom coincidences with Blizzard...

SCFreelancer3228d ago

@Cogo: Its a bit two sided really. People tend to read something in every small thing they can find so it might just as well be coincidence. However I looking at their level of professionalism it might just as well be true.

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