Playstation blamed for adventure game decline

NowGamer: Charles Cecil, creator of the renowned Broken Sword series, has pinned the decline of the adventure game genre on the rise of Sony's Playstation

"It's fairly clear why the adventure [genre] declined during the Nineties..."

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MURKERR3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

arcade quality gaming in your front room, the tekkens,gran turismo,gta,resident evil, crash bandicoot, one of the biggest selling ADVENTURE games tomb changed gaming from a geeky hobby to a adult pasttime.

charles cecil it aint sonys fault your games never evolved with the gamer

el_bandito3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Yep exactly. Sony just went with the flow. Just happened that during your so-called "Playstation Generation" gamers really wanted your so-called "more visceral and harder to control" games. Gamers' tastes evolve, gaming trends evolve. It's not like everyone wanted to play point and click adventure games all day. So the trend? Action-adventure games. So, I, apparently, who happened to play Tomb Raider,Jax and Daxter,Crash Bandicoot years ago....then R&C,and Uncharted this "alienated" from adventure games. And I don't even have a Wii.

Bnet3433442d ago

Let's blame Playstation because there are no more adventure games. What a loser. There are adventure games, but other genres have boomed and have come on top these past generations like Guitar Hero and FPS's.

thats_just_prime3442d ago

Actually the saturn came out 1st so Sega ushered in arcade quality gaming in your front room. Not only that but the saturn was far more powerful then playstation.

Sony has done nothing but hurt gaming. The are the one cause the downfall of 2d gaming (capcom still hates sony for this) They ran tons of small gaming dev out of business. They held gaming back last gen with their defective hardware and with old tech.

Parapraxis3442d ago

Wow thats_just_prime that was hilarious.
You were being sarcastic right?
Because if you weren't I feel sorry for you.

Charles Cecil is off his rocker. Games have changed/evolved and other genres have gotten more popular, there is still plenty of adventure games in the market today.
I'm GLAD there is variety, industries need to broaden and innovate to remain relevant, if we had been stuck with a limited number of popular genres gaming would not be the industry powerhouse it is today.

The Lazy One3442d ago

it made it main stream. There's a difference. Atari, nintendo, calico, and sega (to name a few) "ushered in" arcade gaming to the living room.

that said, 1. Action adventure =/= adventure 2. a lot of really crappy adventure games ruined adventure games, not playstation.

Sarcasm3442d ago

The original playstation pushed the industry and laid the foundations of "hardcore" gaming for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3.

Otherwise we'd all be playing Wii "Insert house hold product here" instead.

mc3442d ago

mmmmmm i love sony alot. i generally don't have a love for faceless corporations but sony are just fantastic

Epic3442d ago

"Otherwise we'd all be playing Wii "Insert house hold product here" instead."


I stopped playing that game a long while ago, too much of a kiddy game for me... guess I grew out of it, among other things...

Doppy3442d ago

You can't blame PlayStation you have to blames developers they all need to make more action, adventure, fighting, platforming, and just about every other genre of game besides shooters and racing games.

FarEastOrient3441d ago

Atleast the Myst series tried to evolve but it wasn't very successful by the fifth iteration. But I still play the music!

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morganfell3442d ago

One word: UNCHARTED. Best adventure game ever. I have been gaming long before the PS1 and nothing says adventure like Nathan Drake.

Gothdom3442d ago

I agree, Uncharted feels refreshing, but it would be nice if there were a bit more on that front.

But I'm a gamer, there's never enough.

Rip-Ridah3442d ago

Heavy Rain says hello. But to be fair guys, Uncharted (while a masterpiece) isn't a true adventure game; it's an "Action-Adventure" game. Adventure games are Indigo Prophecy/Heavy Rain. The Playstation franchise is about to REDEFINE the adventure genre Mr. Cecil.


morganfell3442d ago

I disagree. Having played Prophecy - it's great, no doubt there - but it doesn't come off like an adventure.

When you think of an adventure movie, what name comes to mind? Now what game is most like that movie? What game has elements that remind you of that film?

Sprud3442d ago

I believe Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in US) and Heavy Rain are more interactive film than adventure.

The last game I played which felt like a real adventure game was Dreamfall (2006).

Rip-Ridah3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It's not an opinion of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain being in the adventure genre, its a fact. Now whether the two of you "felt" like you were on adventures during Indigo Prophecy is entirely up for debate because it is your opinions. My point of mentioning these two titles is because they both fall under the "Adventure" GENRE. Not trying to sound demeaning or anything felluhs, just backing up my original point. I am going to disagree with the both of you regarding these two points; but + bubbles for the thoughtful insight. Thanks for listening.


morganfell3442d ago

It doesn't matter what genre they are classified under they are not adventure games. Maybe there needs to be a new genre but they are not 'adventure' games.

Adventure games can be thrilling and tense but there should also be some degree of humor or fun. That doesn't exist in Indigo Prophecy - it's quite a dark story and fantastic for what it is.

Heavy Rain? Well we really do not know but I do not picture a roller coaster rollicking ride. Tension? Yes. Nail biting? Yes? Humor? Fun? I don't see that in a story that has something more in common with Silence of the Lambs than an adventure game.

And back to my question you didn't answer, what movie or movie series is most identified with the word adventure? And what game most mimics that?

Rip-Ridah3441d ago

I submit cuzz we are on just two totally different pages. You say that you don't care what genre the games fall under, but that is what the story is talking about: the adventure genre. If you can't understand that, I don't know what else to say. To answer your questions about what movies I think of as an adventure I immediately think of any Pixar or animated movie or something like that (eg. Toy Story, Shrek, Open Season, Over the Hedge, etc.)

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threepy3442d ago

Uncharted is action adventure, not adventure. Adventure games are point and click games and you can't blame the Playstation for their decline.

.1) the move to 3D games (not just PlayStation, but PC etc.) made people graphics whores and Adventure games are only marginally better in £d than Sonic...They're just not suited to 3D.
.2) Most Adventure games sucked. My favourite series ever is Monkey Island I must add. I loved the games (even the 4th). I liked Grim Fandango too. Wasn't a big Broken Sword fan but it was alright. Sam and Max bugged me because of it's obvious humour and Day of the Tentacle was good but I gave up with the character swapping. The thing is, though obviously a lot of people will have enjoyed the ones I wasn't the biggest fan of, they require brains to make and many adventure games had illogical puzzles etc. There were classics, but so many were crap.

I like the Bone series though and will forever hope for Monkey Island 5. The Wii would be great for it, so would the PC (obviously). But I just couldn't blame the Playstation for it.

GiantEnemyFlop3442d ago

no, the FPS is the one must be blamed (i like it though)

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