Retrospective: Haze was overhyped and underrated

Almost everyone knows Haze. It was that nectar induced drug addict game that was heavily pushed back in 2006-07. Prior to the release of this game, everyone wanted it. They really wanted it. Everyone was fed tiny little snippets of the game, all of which kept everyone salivating for more.

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table3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

heh, it was a fun game I admit and I agree it was underappreciated. Victim of its own hype.

Cynical-Gamerzus3560d ago

The game was amazing but just need more itme to bump it up to 720p and more detail textures..
All this would of helped it alot but it failed technically and length wise it felt fake and last gen..

Another game such a LAir was amazing but these nerd reviewers sucked each other off and decided the controls weren't good enough..BS
It was great!!!

GrandTheftZamboni3560d ago

Looks like they ran out of resources half way through. There is no way they didn't notice repetitiveness of the dialogues, but they didn't do anything about it, which wouldn't cost them much. If they fixed that, and polished the graphics, Haze would be lot better. I like the game as is, anyhow. It might hit 1 million in sales, especially now that it can be found for 10-20 bucks.

Danja3560d ago

it wasn't a bad game , def not the worst game of this gen as many would have you believe , the SP aspect was rather mediocre though , but funny thing is Haze is the 1st FPS to ever had the no loading screen option once the game starts....

the MP is still good I haven't played in awhile but I had alot of fun the 1st couple of months ....

Sarcasm3560d ago

The actual gameplay was decent. The controls felt good though.

But what killed it is the presentation. The same repeated dialogues were annoying "We fight for Merino, and we fight for the promise hand!" over and over and over.

The cheezy voice acting of the mantel troopers etc.

Blaze9293560d ago

only hype that came to this game was from obnoxious sony fanboys that were just ranting about how it was a PS3 exclusive.

Seraphim3559d ago

actually the overhyped portion came just as much from gaming journalists as it did fanboys. And it's also evident in the review scores that grossly underrated Haze. All the journalists were hyping Haze to the Nth degree and the product didn't meet their expectations...

itagaki3559d ago

This game was worth $10 when I bought it. I wouldn't pay $10 for it now.

Get the drift? The game sucks, plain and simple. No, it wasn't the hype that killed it for me. It was the boring game play and the un-interresting world/story.

brodels3559d ago

i don't really think it was overhyped, it had some buzz being an exclusive ps3 shooter initially but that died down, and the release was sort of quiet i think

rockleex3559d ago

It was hyped by its own developers. They kept talking about all these new innovative ideas and gameplay.

They also made it seem like the story will actually be really sci-fi and weird and awesome... like Bioshock.

If they didn't hype it like that, it would have gotten decent scores. Also, people expected a lot because these were the same developers that made the amazing Timsplitters games. ^_^

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Nineball21123560d ago

I downloaded the demo. It wasn't all THAT bad. I just wasn't about to pay $60 for it. :-)

smokeybeef3560d ago

Too true. Although you can pick it up for $10 in a few places now, so there's no reason to ignore it.

I believe the multiplayer is still quite active too, although I haven't played it in a month or two.

Polluted3560d ago

@Smokey: the MP is deceptive because the empty spots are generally filled in with bots. Still, for $15 brand new (that's what I pad 3 months ago), it's a worthwhile buy even just for SP.

The funny thing is the amount of messages you'll get over PSN when people see you're playing Haze.

Random friend: "Haze?!?!?!"

Reply: "Yup. It's not bad."

Random friend: "But, but, why?!? Lol."

You'll get about 3 of those per hour if you have more than 75 people on your list.

dorron3560d ago

I bought it second hand. While not a great game, it actually was a nice game to play...but just wasn't the AAA title everybody was expecting.

ape0073560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I played the demo long time ago

it was like a 6 to 7 game tbh

huge disappointment guys,time splitters rock and haze sucked

sulack3560d ago

Disliked every moment of playing haze

AssassinHD3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

How many moments did you spend playing it then? You have to be careful with your answer because if you say not many, then one could argue that you did not give it a fair shake, and if you say you beat the game, then one must question why you would continue to play a game you disliked.

redsquad3560d ago

It was a workman-like FPS.
Apart from the pretentious dialogue and cut scenes that you COULDN'T SKIP (and the fact that, personally, I wanted to play as a Mantle trooper for far longer), I enjoyed it for what it was.

I certainly didn't feel the need to jump on the "HAZE is crap in every conceivable way" bandwagon. I've played far worse both in this generation and previous ones.

As it's so cheap now, I'd actually recommend it as a fun diversion.

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