Stargate Worlds Developer Sued

The troubled developer of highly anticipated MMO Stargate Worlds, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, has been sued over a financial issue.

The lawsuit was initiated by IO Capital Princess LLC regarding an unpaid open account. This isn't the first time CME has hit the headlines over financial issues, a representative of the company made a statement about their difficulties recently when employees of the CME created a web page with the highly original name The figure currently stands at 125 days.

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thetamer3439d ago

So they're not going to get paid at all now presumably!

Leord3439d ago

Must be heartbreaking to work there...

I mean, usually you have some sort of sympathy for your employers, and seeing things go to bollocks can't be fun...

Leord3439d ago

Wow, I guess we won't see Stargate Worlds out at all then?

AndyA3439d ago

It's looking increasingly doubtful.

ExcelKnight3439d ago

Wouldn't be the first Stargate game to be canceled.

Maticus3439d ago

Oh dear, looks like we'll never see STW. It has a massive following, can't someone just buy it from CME?

Leord3439d ago

Someone with the ability to PAY bills! =P

kalos3439d ago

This does indeed look bad :(

Medievaldragon3439d ago

ouch, so many setbacks to see that MMO ship. On economical crisis -- that's a for sure chapter 11 to get out of their debts, unless someone buys them or injects capital.

Dorjan3439d ago

So many people are waiting on this game... it seems like it's just never going to happen!

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The story is too old to be commented.