D+PAD: Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Review

D+PAD: The core of the game is unwieldy and imprecise. Matt Hazard's comeback is so extensively broken that it's beyond repair. It doesn't help that Eat Lead is as ugly to look at as it is to play, with hideous square geometry, soulless textures, basic shadowing and amateurish models that would have looked dreadful on a PS2 launch title.

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Cajun Chicken3534d ago

Hmm, I appeared to of bought a copy of the worst rated game for years and seem to be enjoying it...'think I'll stop trusting reviews so much now.

xbox360achievements3534d ago

@ Cajun - One man's 10 is another man's 1, and vice versa.

thisguywithhair3534d ago

I love this game. What is wrong with this guy?

legionx3534d ago

I bought it, had a good laugh. I don't regret the purchase what so ever.

thisguywithhair3533d ago

My feelings exactly. Bought the game because I saw it on Qore and it has NPH and Will Arnet in it. Kept it because of the humour and replayability.