Who Will be the "Winner" of the Current-Generation?

Selecting a "winner" for each console generation is somewhat of a nonsensical engagement. Before even beginning to assess the merits of your sources of sales figures, release dates, review scores and other such relevant texts, you have to consider exactly what qualities a "winner" would possess. Would it be the largest quantity of widely renowned videogame releases of a high quality? Or that which had increased its library from the previous-generation to the greatest extent? Perhaps the defining merit would be the console manufacturer who had managed to increase their market share by the greatest margin? Or that which pushed the industry into new territory? Or maybe, it's simply the console that sold the most units?

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Microsoft Xbox 3603563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

PlayStation will reign above the competition again. They have the best video game franchises and the most diverse one too. You won't find an LBP game on another system that's for sure. With Media Molecule contracted for more PS3 exclusives, who knows what those innovative guys will come up next and not to mention the rest of the Sony 1st/2nd party studios.

GrieverSoul3563d ago

I dont think there will be a winner this time. Sure, the one that solls the most hardware and software will claim the crown but truth is, right now:

The WII has a substantial lead.
Xbox360 sells the most games per console unit sold (attach ratio)
The PS3 is where the developers get the most profit.

Is light of this, and if the next generation brings these 3 consoles again with their new and improved versions and greater services, everyone will be the winner this time.

This is not the 8, 16 or 32 bit era. The console with more bits was better than the other. This time it isnt. There´s more in the hardware in these machines and they all offer diferent experiences.

nerubii3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

The WII has a substantial lead.
--late start; low hardware specification; motion controls dont work on some/most players, probably due to "motor clumsiness" or "motor impaired"; "obvious" failure seen by most/some (probably due to gamecube and gimmicky controls as perceived by such);

Xbox360 sells the most games per console unit sold (attach ratio)
--early start; RROD incident; not really a hit in Japan

The PS3 is where the developers get the most profit.
--profiting from the least userbase.

so who is the obvious winner?

The Peoples ARMPIT3563d ago

To me as of now the ps3 is looking like the overall winner when it comes to unmatched exclusives. Sony is pumping out quality games by the handful and i am just glad i'm the type of person who lives off games that take advantage of the console they are developed on.

Multiplats are a plus but in no way will they ever match the quality in exclusives so for me it's looking like Sony will be the overall winner.

3563d ago
ShabzS3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Will Reign SUPREME ! game cube's story really awoke that beast nintendo

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