Windows to iPhone: been there, done that

Yes, yes everybody's still talking about iPhone, but during Apple's presentation of some new phone software today, Microsoft happened to call and couldn't help mentioning that they've sold more phones with Windows Mobile, which has long had some of the stuff iPhone users are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on.

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thereapersson3534d ago

Why on earth would they be jealous of features they've had for years? Just because Apple claims "innovation" on every feature they put in their devices doesn't mean it's correct.

Tempist3534d ago

You know... it's a little hard to take a product seriously when it's marketing is changed every six months. First it's the best iPod...then the best touch phone.... then it's the best moible gaming device.

IF you don't know what you're product is suppose to be good at, then it's not a good product. And to Apple users, get over yourselves. Your OS X doesn't even support the file cut action.

Bnet3433535d ago

Microsoft needs to shut the hell up. So does Apple. Android > all.

paul-p19883534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

M$ has one fundamental problem with there argument, people actually care about Apple, where the majority of tech-savvy people hate Microsoft...

besides, Windows Mobile is rubbish, im not a fan of either the iphone or the M$ smartphones, but if i had to pick one it would most certainly be the iphone

solidt123534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Good points!

iPhone all day! but I must admit the HTC Touch Pro is impressive. So is the G1 phone with Android.

josh143993534d ago

well i have had the google g1 phone and the iphone and the iphone is much better. i actually took the g1 back to the shop because i hated it. and msoft mobile is the worst of all three. apple mite be late at adding features but at least they get added

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