19 (More) Memorable Nude Gaming Moments

quote from article:
"A while ago we put up an article (22 Most Memorable Nude Gaming Moments) that investigated what happens when nudity and gaming collide - and it melted the server, set fire to the IT department and killed off a few employees (it's okay, they were just temps).

It turns out gaming + nudity = quite a bit more popular than we originally thought (funny, that). Since that article we've done some further investigation and found an absolute treasure trove of additional examples that show just how well nudity and videogaming mesh..."

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McPerson3197d ago

More games need to get nekkid!

Except for E. Honda in Streetfighter IV. Natch.

thats_just_prime3197d ago

Man L2 sure changed sence when I played it if it looked like that back then I might of never stoped

Narutone663197d ago

Rumble of Roses without the clothes? *drool*

XxZxX3197d ago

Is it just me? seem like trying to get hit by keep posting Top 10, top 20, top 30 Nude stuff. Well what can we say? sex sell, you win?!!

TheHater3197d ago

I notice that too. the contribute nothing news worthy but these kind of crap.

As for the article. WTF 570 degree and only 7 comments?

Hallucinate3197d ago

poepl are to busy fapping

Enigma_20993197d ago

All they ever do is post or report something that generates a response, and thattranslates into page hits...

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TetraNinja3197d ago

How can this list be missing the infamous god of war sex scenes...shame.. >.>

Ebi3197d ago

If I'm not mistaken, their previous list of 22 moments mentions God Of War.

Cheeseknight283197d ago

530 degrees, 6 comments.

Awful lot of lonely fanboys here...

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The story is too old to be commented.