Watchmen game stars Dr. Manhattan's wang

If you're a fan of Watchmen, most likely you understand why you can't play as Dr. Manhattan in the downloadable game 'The End Is Nigh'. The simple fact is that Dr. Manhattan is way too powerful to make a fun game out of -- there would be no challenge. That, of course, doesn't stop some people from making a totally Not Safe For Work (NSFW) game about one of Dr. Manhattan's more... wangtastic powers.

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h0tz0rz3535d ago

Hahahaha, that was hilarious!

Milk is for Babies3535d ago

That's surprising. You usually get offended by everything. I will give you bubbles for actually having a sense of humor this time.

Twizlex3535d ago

And I will give YOU bubbles for not being a total jerk this time.

rockleex3534d ago

Real? Of course, I'm not talking about the weiner part.

But was there actually an 8 bit Watchmen game? O_O

cactuschef3534d ago

And I will give YOU bubbles for saying wiener!

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Cookigaki3535d ago

Jajaja, Cookigaki likes n4g better when it is not so serious. Cookigaki appreciates there being no fanboy undertones to this story.

Twizlex3535d ago

Wii sucks!!

Ha ha ha, just kidding. Please don't flame me!

Vault Boy3535d ago

At least you didn't say PS3 sucks. I don't think you will get much flaming for saying Wii sucks even if you were serious.

L80BelfDK3535d ago

I love the Watchmen! Man if only they did make some more Watchmen games. A Dr. Manhattan god game would be awesome!

L80BelfDK3535d ago

Anyone see the movie? It actually does show some penis. This game makes total sense.

Cookigaki3535d ago

Cookigaki just watched again and laughed even harder this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.