RPGamer: Avalon Code Review

Avalon Code is a quirky, highly original action adventure that will probably appeal most to fans of the Legend of Zelda series or Harvest Moon's relationship systems. The glaring interface issues detract from the experience somewhat, but for the most part aren't much more than a minor irritation and can be alleviated with a bit of storage management on the part of the player. There are also a handful of localization errors that make a small number of the recipes unusable, though with experimentation players might be able to track down the correct code combinations.

The terrific exploration and experimentation-driven gameplay manages to hold up in spite of these things. The game itself is also fairly lengthy for a handheld title, clocking it at roughly thirty hours with plenty of replay potential. In addition, after the closing credits, the player can continue playing and explore the world of his own volition. Avalon Code is certainly not the greatest RPG available for the DS, but at the same time it is far more than a simple Zelda clone.

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