AMD lands triple whammy

The Inquirer: "Computer Shopper, arguably one of the biggest-pulling paper magazines still around, recently printed a 'PC Mega Test' for machines in the low, medium and high ranges, with British box builder Mesh Computers winning all three categories for three separate AMD processor-based systems.

Since the launch of Intel's champion chip Conroe almost three years ago, AMD has been hard pressed to throw a punch, much less win a round in the highly competitive world of pugilistic processor pounding. So a PC-Mega Test win across three price categories bloodys Intel's nose somewhat and indicates things are trending up for AMD, with the advent of Phenom II helping the firm claw its way back into the ring."

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Ju3562d ago

That's good news. Just got myself a X4-920 @ 2.8Ghz which had the same price tag as the same system with a Q9300 @ 2.5. So, I believe the X4 (without overclocking either) should be faster, no ?

SiLeNt KNighT3562d ago

look at the cache speed on each. ive noticed with many amd processors the L2 cache is generally lower which will cause some bottlenecking. so depending on what you use your cpu for it will make a little difference. If you use it for video/photo editing or intensive gaming the bottlenecking begins to become a small problem. for the price though, amd processors are great! the new i7's from intel are really fast but wayyyyy too expensive right now. im waiting for prices to drop a bit for some particular things but if i were in the market at this point in time for a computer id probably pick amd processor because of the cost effectiveness.

Ju3562d ago

I looked up some comparison, and both seam to be pretty the same on their standard clock frequency (2.5 vs. 2.8) the Q9300 seams to be more "overclockable". Those tests ran both at 3.5GHz or so, where the Q9300 beats the X4-920 again. Both have 6MB cache. I just saw the board I ordered has some benefits over the same machine with the Q9300, though: 2000MHz FSB vs. 1300, GBit Ethernet and 7.1 audio + DVI connector (won't use it, though). I guess it was an OK deal. $599 with 4GB and 750G drive (the Q9300 has 6.1 audio, no 1000MBit Eth0 but comes with a 1T drive for the same price).