GamesRadar: Watchmen: The End is Nigh Review

The real breaking point for this innocuous title is the price tag. Yes, Watchmen is one of the best looking downloadable games GamesRadar has seen on a console (even if the lighting takes the murky color palette to nearly opaque darkness), and yes, the voice acting and production values are impressively high-end. Still, paying $20.00 for such a shallow experience just doesn't seem right. They'd feel better recommending this title at $10 or $15, but $20 is simply too much for such monotony. Here's hoping Watchmen's problems, and its price, can be addressed for part two later this year.

You'll love:
* Great graphics
* Well-written story
* Rorschach is always cool

You'll hate:
* Insanely repetitive
* Annoying minigames
* Too expensive

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