IGN: Overlord II: Master of Puppets

Overlord caught gamers by surprise. A title many initially discounted, the action/strategy title managed to get many hooked with its blend of challenging puzzles and humor. Codemasters is back with Overlord II, coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

IGN spoke with Creative Director Lennart Sas to get the full details on how developer Triumph Studios plans to improve on the original.

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REALgamer3535d ago

Was one of those games that passed most people by, but the few who took notice were in for a treat.

Ever since playing it, in Oblivion I keep forgetting I can't send minions off to slaughter the goblins for me. =S

My vote for improvements in Overlord 2:
- Open world (yes, Oblivion-esque)
- More tower customisation / expansion
- Keep the great humour up
- CO-OP! I want to team up with other 'overlords' online to co-ordinate attacks on strongholds with tons of minions!