Massive Pokemon Platinum Interview's Raymond Padilla writes:

"Yesterday, I went to Nintendo's office to chat with GameFreak director Junicihi Masuda and game designer Takeshi Kawachimaru. Masuda-san has been with the company since its inception, working on the original Pokemon role-playing games and composing music, television show, and movies. He's one of the big reasons I've lost hundreds (thousands?) of hours of my life to Pokemon. Kawachimaru has also been contributing to Pokemon games for a long time, as well getting the spotlight in Pokemon Platinum (due out next week!). I chatted with the two about Platinum, particle physics, the Pokemon phenomenon, the surprising complexity of the series, future Pokemon games, and Masuda-san's fascination with bridges. I also turned into a total fan, asking them to sign some of my Pokemon goods and pose with some of my Pokemon toys. Here's my interview with these distinguished gentlemen from GameFreak."

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