Valkyria Chronicles Figurines Make With The Sexy

Kotaku writes:

"If only Sega's PlayStation 3 game Valkyria Chronicles were more popular in the US, then we could get cool stuff like a licensed release of the upcoming anime or nifty capsule figurines like these.

These fan-service swimsuit-wearing toys are a second set of capsule figurines to go with the more modestly-dressed first set released last August. The outfits are based on an unlockable report chapter where the members of Squad 7 hit the beach."

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SL1M DADDY3534d ago

And no comments...

Bunch of closet pervs! lol

jrsenkbe3534d ago

I need to pick this game back up, I sold it to get another game when I needed some extra cash. If youre looking for a tough game that feels like you accomplished something then try this out.

cyrus2283534d ago

the selvaria one is hott ;p, luv the game, cant wait for the anime

jrsenkbe3534d ago

Did you say there was going to be an Anime? Where did you hear that from?

Hope SEGA makes a sequal or prequal.

SaiyanFury3534d ago

Agreed, the Selvaria figure is uber-sexy.

xxBATTLECATxx3534d ago

ill get the game.....eventually
(i know! support smaller amazing underated games!)
i will.