An Idiot's Guide to Online Co-Op Etiquette

quote from article:

"Disrespect in a co-op session got us punched in the mouth once. The year was 1992, the game was Streets of Rage, and our teammate was a slightly unbalanced, third-tier friend called Matt – who, years later, doctors would identify as an A.D.D 'rageoholic' suffering from a schizoid embolism..."

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GiantEnemyFlop3563d ago

there are certain group have a certain "superior" online must have some etiquette, becouse most of them are angrey kids and teen's

we, as the more intelligent gamers must teach how they must play online

but they need to abandon their sinking ship first

Myst3563d ago

Some of these I agree with and would be nice to see others to use of it, but I'm not going to hold my breath on this one. A few of the Do not reasons which are done online are primarily why I choose to opt out of co-op games unless it's with people I know within my own town or siblings.

No matter how many times one can teach a person how to rightfully play a game with others. Co-operation just does not seem to be one of the strong points this generation. Maybe if it was continuously being introduced back in the 8-16-32 bit era it may be different. Just now it seems people will shoot you in the back of the head to pick up ammo that is lying about on the ground just so they can be fully stocked. Or they will take all the money leaving you high and dry.