Five Greatest Control Schemes of All Time

Christian McLeod of OperationSports writes:

"In today's world of ultra-realistic sports releases, there is nothing that can ruin a gaming experience quicker than a bad control scheme. With newer games featuring increasingly complex button layouts, it is pretty easy to become overwhelmed, even downright frustrated, when attempting to control your favorite virtual athletes.

Who has not experienced the dreaded throw-the-controller-at-the-wall syndrome brought on by a clunky controlling sports endeavor? It is times like these when I find myself dreaming about my favorite control schemes in a specific sports genre. I yearn for those special control schemes that are able to achieve a zen-like flow in my hands, making me feel like Jimmy in the blockbuster hit The Wizard.

In the history of sports gaming, I have gone hands-on with several wonderful control layouts. Of the schemes that have left favorable impressions, there are five that stand out from the rest. These fives games feature controls that set the bar for their respective genres, influenced their competition, and to this day, stand the test of time. Here are my picks for the five greatest sports video game control schemes of all time."

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