New 'This is Living' 'Dancing Bubba' Ad

A new commercial has been released promoting the PS3. Enjoy.

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Lan_EVO_44263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Is this some kind of bad Joke or something?
This BAD commercial won't Stop me from Buying a PS3.

0LDSCH00L4263d ago

Wow!!! Sony really knows how to sell a console!!!

StateofMind4263d ago

I understand the concept behind these European ads, but they're really terrible. People buy consoles because of the Motorstorm footage they saw not some random black guy dancing who makes no direct reference to the PS3.

BrotherSic4263d ago

i have just seen one of the PS3 adverts on Irish TV and i didnt know what it was until the 'This is Living' tag line came up at the end.

Concept adverts are great when people know what you are advertising. Does that many average consumers know about the 'This is living' branding? I wouldnt think so

Apocalypse Shadow4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

he's thinking about ps3 games and bluray,motion control and web from movie studios and big european games like heavenly sword.he just found out about HOME,rumble returning and the new hd eyetoy coming.

yup.he's a happy camper.

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