Variety: The five reasons Resident Evil 5 isn't very good

Variety writes:

"Resident Evil 4 was one of, if not the, first games I played when I was getting back into gaming in 2004 and 2005 (after a late high school-through-early-20s hiatus) that utterly blew me away and demonstrated how far the medium had progressed since I last saw it. So I was super excited about Resident Evil 5, if a bit wary based on what I initially saw.

It's certainly not a disaster. The production values are excellent and there are a few unique touches, most notably the use of the bright African sun in the early levels to amplify the horror in a way I've never seen. Instead of feeling anxious in the dark, I felt exposed in the light (At least until the game abandoned that idea and moved into a bunch of generic caves and sci-fi backdrops).

I'll be honest: Overall, I wasn't just disappointed in Resident Evil 5. I actively disliked it. If I hadn't been reviewing it, I would have stopped playing after a few hours. I think my review lays out my reasons pretty well. But for those who like lists, here they are one by one."

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Rockox3535d ago

1. The Controls
2. The Controls
3. The Controls
4. The Controls
5. The Controls

Blademask3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

They are legendary classic controls that are natural to the RE series. Don't just buy games because your n00b a$s hasn't been gaming since before you picked up Halo/Resistance.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the controls. Its the moronic audience who thinks that every game started this gen. Why on earth would capcom change the controls that they've had since the series began because a tiny segment of the gaming world(compared to RE's overall franchise) wants to remake every game experience they have to mimic Gears.

You people are whats wrong with the industry. You people are the reason every single game is just turning into a generic rip off of the previous popular title. Without variation EA & Microsoft are going to just keep pumping out title after title, faster and faster, and you wont care because the controls will be the same, and you will be playing a terrible game but pretending its fine because theres co-op and the exact same game modes online that you've been playing in all other games.

How about someone just release GenericGame5.0. It will just be updated with DLC, since u guys LOVE to be nickle and dimed for stuff that should be in the game at launch, and you can just pay a subscription for new outfits and the ability to navigate the menu for $5.00 a week.

If you knew anything about the series, especially how 4 was. You'd have not a single issue with the controls. If you just followed all of the real gamers who were excited that RE was coming back, and pretended to be excited with them, hyped yourself up, then complained about the controls when the demo launched, just stfu. Its RE.

I personally feel the controls aren't up to snuff with modern games and the pacing of re5/4, Same could be said for MGS4, But thats the least issues I've had with the series since 4. Its no longer survival horror. Its no longer RE5. No one was looking forward to RE5 because you could SHOOT plant/human monsters and do super punches. People were hoping it would be an amazing RE game on next gen platforms. The game has a personality. All of you went out and bought it anyway, and capcom is beyond pleased, because you all blindly buy anything under the sun.

But crying because you cant strafe/reload & teabag is retarded. Stop being sheep. You dont HAVE to love every game that was popular before this gen. It doesn't make you any less of a gamer to say you loved code veronica more than Mexican Shootout part 4. But dont buy games and complain about features that have been native to the series and demand it be like lesser franchises.

Seacrest... out!

The Matrix3535d ago

I'm a modern hardcore gamer (first video game system was the PS2) and I'm at a loss for RE5. I just finished it yesterday and it was very frustrating. I haven't played other RE games, so I'll judge it by other games that recently came out.

The controls do suck...anyway you cut it.
The zombies are slow and retarded.
The inventory and save featured are outdated and very crappy.
No horror for a "horror game".

Very amazing graphics
Cool action. (croc part was awesome)
Sheva is hot.
Co-op is fun.

I think gamespot was right giving it a 8.5.

I'm sure all of your RE fanboys love it and say "don't complain about the controls" but I am complaining about them. This is *(#@ing 2009, you would think you would be able to run and shoot by now.

Andras843535d ago

I got used to the controls within a few minutes of playing the game.

ChampIDC3535d ago

I don't have a problem dealing with the controls personally, but I do think they could have gotten with the times a little more with them. I feel like the game is dumbing its difficulty down to make it possible with their current controls. Just look at the Wesker fights. He walks around like he has some sort of mental disorder. He has to be one of the most passive bosses I've ever seen.

I still love the game, but I expected so much more out of a next gen RE game. Oh well, it won't stop me from playing co-op with my friends.

Spydiggity3535d ago

okay first. shut up about the f*ckin controls! it takes about 30 seconds to readjust to the idea of having to stand still to shoot. second, there are very few situations where that plays any kind of factor in a fight.

next. shut up about the year and how that relates to the controls. what year it is is completely worthless information with regards to a game's control style. IT'S RESIDENT EVIL! it has always played that way. we knew long before 5 came out that it was going to be similar in style to 4, so stfu like this caught you off guard. and if you loved 4 so much, wtf are you talking about??

third. STFU about the controls!

moving on...

The story is kind of cheesy, but as he said, it's supposed to be B-movie-ish. it's RE. remember how corny the dialogue in the first RE was? that's part of what made it RE.

next. who honestly gets scared when playing a co op game? anyone? i know bioshock would have way less suspense if i was competing with someone for adam. that wouldn't make it worse, necessarily. but after all the RE games we've seen, it's nice to finally have a Co-Op experience. i'll trade a little tension to experience the game with a friend.

about the co-op. the guy is dead wrong about that. unless your friend JUST bought the game, they have their whole inventory saved from the last time they played. and about not being able to give your friends weapons. that's easy. because it's incredibly easy to duplicate a person's inventory. if you could trade fully upgraded weapons, you could just dupe those and make hundreds of thousands of points (dollars? credits?) in a matter of moments. now you can dupe ammo, eggs, herbs, and spray. and doing the dupe cheat with eggs takes freakin forever and isn't worth the effort.

and finally, the issue of race. come on now. not one time throughout the game did i think anything about the color of anyone's skin. and do you know why? because everything in terms of skin color is just about right in that game. if everyone was white, i'd think something was definitely know...being that it's in africa. second, the main non playable character that you meet right in the beginning is black. and sheva is black. and who cares??? stop making this an issue. if the game took place in japan, i'd expect to see a buncha japanese ppl. it wouldn't make me enjoy killing them any more or less. but if i was killing white ppl in china, something would be amiss. leave race out of this...COMPLETELY. redfield is the main character from the RE series? what should they have done? made him black too so that you would think it's okay for him to go total recall on some africans?

i will say the game isn't as good as i had hoped. and it's a little short. but the style and controls are pretty spot on. i've enjoyed every game in the main story of RE. This one is probably my least favorite after nemesis. but that's still pretty good. i loved nemesis.

velaxun3535d ago

Who took all your bubbles away? Oh well. I agree with your post man, personally I didn't like RE5 cuz it strayed too far from the horror and, in my opinion, Resident Evil is about horror. The controls are fine, they were sh!tty in the first one and they'll be sh!tty all the way through, but to me, it makes the games more frantic and tense. when you have "zombies" running at you with sharp pointy objects and you can't run and gun like a god damned marine, you're only choice is to aim for your life. I like the controls just the way they are, too bad the game is scary though... We need another RE or Silent Hill that goes back to the roots, I want a game that I have nightmares about. I can only play Siren: Blood Curse so many times...

SL1M DADDY3534d ago

First, it's no longer a survival horror game. It is an action game where they toss a bunch of baddies at ya and expect you to shoot, kick, run, rinse, repeat.

Second, Dead Space. Dead Space did the survival horror genre right in every aspect. That game is the epitome of horror and eeriness and RE5 just can't touch that level of scare factor.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind RE5 but it is in no way the caliber of RE games that came before it.

y0haN3534d ago

The inability to move and shoot at the same time is what kills me most of the time :(

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josephat843535d ago

sell 4 million units while great games like Uncharted don't. C'mon people! Support good games, not crap.

kewlkat0073535d ago

Uncharted is a game that should push hardware every month. Somethings up with PS3 gamers or the install-base

Plus RE5 is not crap..maybe it's not for you though. Leave my favorite developer alone.

xlx-russ_923535d ago

Uncharted Sold 3,6 million copies according to Sony.

Game13a13y3534d ago

but Uncharted is a new franchise, of course it won't be as big as a system seller than RE 5. and i still think RE 5 is a better game than Uncharted nonetheless.

lordgodalming3534d ago

I've played through Uncharted twice already and will certainly do so again before Uncharted 2 comes out, but I'm also enjoying the hell out of RE5. It's not a bad game, and I really can't understand why everyone hates it so badly. I'm familiar with the arguments.

- "It doesn't control like Gears or an FPS." Good. It's not Gears or an FPS.
- "It's not scary." I almost whizzed in my pants the first time one of those big dogs in the train yard jumped up and tried to eat my face.
- "It's like RE4." RE5 is the direct sequel to RE4. RE4 rocked. Do you really think Uncharted 2 will suddenly be a flight-sim because the developers don't want it to be too close to the original? Gimme a break.

In my opinion, RE5 is a very good game. It has not changed my life, nor will it, but that's fine because it is only a piece of entertainment. And in that I believe it succeeds.

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SoapShoes3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Controls were the same as RE4... It wasn't the controls that were bad, it was the game.

ParanoidMonkey3535d ago

Actually, the fact that you can now strafe in RE5 technically means the controls are a huge leap forward (for the series).

borgome3535d ago

I can't believe how many RE4/RE5 noobs there on this website, hilarious.

If the controls were run and gun style you whiners would just complain about something else.

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