Ghostbusters: The Video Game Demo Footage Leaked

GCHD has posted leaked video footage of the upcoming Ghostbusters demo that was slated for June Release on Xbox Live markeplace and PSN. The video shows Bill Murray's character fighting Slimer, along with a brand new trailer that features new levels, gameplay, etc. Both videos can be found on the provided link.

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Fishy Fingers3561d ago

Haha, looks great. Definitely giving this a try. Great graphics too.

Mike Wallace3561d ago

looks kinda frustrating getting ghosts into the trap... other than that, it seems like they really tried to capture the feel of the original movie... i can't wait to see it

Rhezin3561d ago

but there are just wayyy too many games that are coming out that are going to be WAY better than this.

Nelson M3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

In Your Neighborhood
Who you Gonna Call
Bot Busters

If You See Three Red Rings
And it Dont Look Good
Who you Gonna Call
Bot Busters

Bot Bustin Makes me Feel Good

Nelson M3561d ago

Looks like you can really make a mess of places

Evildoomnerd3561d ago

Have they confirmed any form of co op or multiplay?

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