Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Impressions From That Aussie Game Site

Aaron from That Aussie Game Site Writes: "First up, Assembly is the most visually arresting of the three. It takes place in a Covenant Scarab manufacturing facility and a quick glance around the level reveals an impressive backdrop of alien industry. A thick green mist coats the lower parts of the level and all around you can see Scarab parts being shifted around on Covenant energy lifts. It's a rare and interesting look into the often neglected Covenant home worlds. The level itself is a circular rabbits warren split into three levels with a central column which you can leap into at the top level and fall to the bottom. An active camo is just visible at the top with a gravity hammer tantalizingly available at the bottom. While it might seem like a good idea to grab that melee king weapon, the tiny chamber that houses it is basically a death trap/grenade magnet so make sure you're the last person to toss a grenade before you head in. There's also a missile launcher tucked away on one of the far sides of the map and the first team or perosn to grab control of that isn't going to have too much trouble controlling the rest of the map. Halo fans will be interested to note that if you look closely at the tubes of yellow liquid you can see Lekgolo worms crawling inside them, the worms that form a colony to become Hunters and, apparently, Scarab tanks."

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