Where Have All The (First-Person) Shooters Gone?

Gamezine's Chris Capel:

"In every year non-FPS fans complain about how many of those games clutter up the market, but not this year.

This year's different. At this point, looking at all the solid releases and even the rumoured titles, this year's first-person shooter crop is looking pretty poor."

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Nelson M3195d ago

Since the Arrival of Killzone 2

krouse933195d ago

Hey did anyone else notice the delay of Call of Duty ModernWarfare 2 teh day after Killzone 2 came out ;)

I can't get enough Killzone 2. It's the Best Videogame ever made.

KKanjiAnkh3195d ago

This article is garbage
1st. FPS don't make a drop in the toilet, compared to other genres.
2nd. I like my protaganist, to interact highly w/ the environment.
3rd. These games draw heavily on the "All guns, no story syndrome."

The article says 90%, I say do your homework, go play more games.

khellendros13195d ago

I'm kind of glad that companies are investing in other genres.

Cajun Chicken3195d ago

Is this seriously anything to complain about?

I'm quite glad that other genres are now being made, heres hoping the platformer has a glorious return!

techie3195d ago

Yeah, I don't miss'em either :)

ShabzS3195d ago

holy sh*t he mentioned half life 2 ep 3... is that a fact.. is it atleast rumored to come out this year?

slak3195d ago


techie3195d ago

Doubt it's this year.

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