Does the Nintendo Wii Deserve To Be the Market Leader?

Although the Nintendo Wii is handily outselling the competition, it isn't as universally loved as previous market leaders like the NES, Super NES, Playstation and Playstation 2.

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mint royale3561d ago

Yes just yes....

It appeals to the most people therefore it deserves to be market leader....

What a pointless topic.

3561d ago
GWAVE3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

People seem to forget that the NES was panned by the "hardcore gamers" (at the time, the PC gamers)in its first year or two for having lots of shovelware, having a "kiddy" image, for being underpowered (an 8-bit system amidst 16-bit era), and for being gimmicky (the Powerglove, the Light Gun, R.O.B., etc.)

People seem to forget that the PS1 first was panned for being "the new kid on the block" with "no good games" and "no good exclusives" and "inferior hardware to the upcoming N64".

The Gameboy was panned for having crappy graphics compared to the Game Gear.

The PS2 was first mocked for the hard-to-program-for "Emotion Engine" that developers claimed "Uggggh! It's SOOO hard to program for!" (sound familiar?) and claimed that the Dreamcast would win because the hardware was easier to use. Yes. Believe it or not, but even the mighty PS2 was "teh doomed!" in its first two years.

The Nintendo DS was almost universally panned for the goofy two-screen design with a touch-screen. Many "professional analysts" claimed that the DS touch screen would go to waste and that no one outside of Nintendo's 1st-party devs would even bother with the touch screen controls. They claimed that the inferior graphics and multimedia capabilities of the PSP would demolish the DS.

Then -- of course -- people claimed the Wii would be an astronomical failure.

My oh my. How people forget.

IcarusOne3561d ago

The Wii is not for us. It can barely be called a console - as much as we understand that term now. The Wii is comparable to Tickle-Me Elmo. It's cute and inoffensive. It doesn't push the boundaries of technology in terms of visuals or sound. I personally don't like what's it doing to gameplay and control.

It's success is commendable. But it's not a part of the current console war.

MNicholas3561d ago

If it is the market leader it deserves to be. It's that simple. Smart business people don't complain about who the market leader but rather look at what made them successful and learn from it.

It's this whole "do they deserve to be market leader" mentality that destroyed the american auto industry. Rather than accepting that Toyota and Honda were building cars that consumers were actually more willing to pay their hard earned cash for and learning from those, GM, Ford and Chrysler tried to bribe the federal govt into putting up trade barriers and tried other legislation (like suing) while continuning to manufacture garbage in the hope that there are enough stupid americans who will rather buy american made garbage than foreign made quality.

nnotdead3561d ago

why dose a system deserve success or failure? really a pointless article that brings nothing new, or even makes good arguments. not saying anything in it is wrong, but just look at any game forum if u want to read this stuff about the Wii.

johnnywit3561d ago


Did you say the PS1 had no good games? no Exclusives? Inferior hardware? When it was announced that sony was making a console with a CD drive EA and square were full on board. I think you forget a year before the PS1 launched every game mag was talking about FF7. after that nintendo started surviving only on there first party exclusives. every mag I would read would talk about how much more storage the PS1 would have.(sound familiar PS3) The reason why I got a PS1 was because of how many awesome games it had.

SiLeNt KNighT3561d ago

somebody is coming to buy mine right now. should be here in about 5 min. The wii is so awesome i get to sell it for almost as much as i paid! thanks for the marketing nintendo! cant wait to get rid of this thing!

TheAntiFanboy3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

We cannot judge the "success" or "failure" of anything based on our own opinionated standards. Just because it does not fulfill our needs, doesn't mean it's bad. It simply isn't right for us.

Personally, I see the Wii in its own separate category. You can't compare it to the 360 and the PS3, because that's like comparing apples to oranges. They're two totally different breeds of console. The Wii is a successful casual console. The PS3 and 360 are successful core consoles. The Wii is in a different market, and within its own market, it is indeed successful. It has its own rate of success unrelated to the other two consoles.

I didn't like The Dark Knight. Does that mean it's a bad movie? Absolutely not! So many people love it. Why? Because it's a great movie. I just didn't like it because it didn't appeal to me. The movie didn't coincide with my own personal style. That is perfectly reasonable.

N4g_null3561d ago

IcarusOne I don't know about you but I'm having fun beating my hardcore games on the Wii from this gen and the VC. Maybe it's not for you but who are you? I mean are you really hardcore or just one of those casual gamers going around cheering for HD graphics on consoles?

When you can hate a system or make it out to be hardcore when it houses some of the best classic games is pretty cannibalistic towards your hardcore member ship.

The Wii deserves what it is getting because it is not relying on gimmicks like a DVD player, CD player, or online. While those are all great things they are gimmicks in the face of a game console that should be playing games.

Face it your bored and you know it. You should find another hobby if you are. You can't call your self hardcore and if you can not like the games on the VC or even the games on the Wii.

IcarusOne3561d ago

Are you serious?! I'm not hating on your cute little kiddy system, but now I'm laughing at you and how defensive and personal you've made this post. Plus, when you start calling things like DVD and online connectivity gimmicks, you're clearly severely disconnected from the current trend of mainstream gaming.

However, you seem to have a lock on being a mainstream douchebag. Kudos.

johnnywit3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Gwave ,

wouldn't let me edit. I got my dates mixed up. FF7 was announced 4 months after the launch of the PS1 with square stating that there were limitations on the N64. Square backing the Ps1 a year before N64 launched. PS1 had a great launch with 8 games. All the press was good before launch and had great advertising. I think they sold 3.1 million in there first year. All before the N64 launch. There were solid third party exclusives and great first party games.

madpuppy3561d ago

The fear is that it will set a precedent for The high end console makers to follow, Imagine if the next generation consoles from MS and Sony are low end, throw away toys rather than multifaceted entertainment machines? whether you are a fanboy of a particular high end console,a hardcore gamer or a media buff, don't we at least agree that if every console became a clone of the Wii console gaming as we know it will essentially die.
and, I don't know about you people, But, I really don't want to sit in front of a 22" screen in an office chair to play games anymore. I really like my 100" high def screen, surround sound and comfortable seats.

ButterToast3561d ago

hell Yes it does! the marketing campaign for the Wii was genius! Not to mention Nintendo has a strong list of established franchises.

SL1M DADDY3560d ago

A waggle controller does not make a game console next gen. Processing power does and any peripherals that come with it are just extras. That being said, the Wii will have to surpass the PS2 to become the market leader of last generation. As for this gen, it is not even on my charts in terms of gaming devices. It's just been too big a let-down these last few months.

nerubii3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

lets welcome Captain Obvious!
"Tickle-Me Elmo"(hey come on, its ticklish.)
"cute and inoffensive"(LOL'd. i need more blood and gore. im feeling it. YES! YES! on my [email protected]!~)
"visuals or sound"(i wan to play my games on a 4k cinema. i wan 10.1 surround sound)
"I personally don't like what's it doing to gameplay and control."(i am so shy that i despise certain things. i know its wrong but i have to be a boy. in fact, im motor clumsy. i cant sync properly to the game. im hopeless. i can only enjoy visual games. im not too sure if im blind or what. perhaps im color blind but i still can "see"! im borned with extra-sensory perception. i can filter out the voice i want to hear in an extremely noisy room.)
"It's success is commendable. But it's not a part of the current console war."(yea thats right. its not part of the current console war. you are still in your fantasy, my friend. the war has ended long ago. oh yeah i forgt. you cant end a war without declaring defeat or surrender. okay, ill act on behalf of ps360.. *raising* then *waving* white flag)

@SiLeNt KNighT
yup, you shld. before you start embarrassing yourself.

"A waggle controller does not make a game console next gen."
let me help free your thoughts:
"i don't like that controller. it makes me.. it makes me feel like a kid. see how it works? i have to shake. thats waggle!"

"Processing power does and any peripherals that come with it are just extras."
my PC has always been next-gen regardless of this-gen consoles. whats up with your PS3/xbox360?
"stupid! i want my Sim Nuclear game on my PS360!!"

"That being said, the Wii will have to surpass the PS2 to become the market leader of last generation."
incredible, how many of us owns a PC? i hope it does surpass that. ill let you have the liberty. you can combine all your so-called next-gen consoles. there you have it. your numbers =]

"As for this gen, it is not even on my charts in terms of gaming devices. It's just been too big a let-down these last few months."
hmm okay.. maybe i shld try to be a little soft next time.

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donnie-21053561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Certainly not ,the wii is one of the worst consoles i have ever played.not because its aimed at kids or their mums but for the number one reason THE GAMES ARE CRAP.the games industry has always been about moving technology forward like better graphics,online ect with each gen.with the wii i think nintendo has taken us a step backwards with shameless gamecube rehashes of its old franchises.the revolution of a controller is an inaccurate gimmick which detracts from the games rather than adding anything.i think the 360/ps3 has a far better selection of games for the young and family but they have been blinded to this by the hype surrounding the wii.lets hope sony/ms dont follow nintys low tech,wand direction next gen.please god

nerubii3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

"the wii is one of the worst consoles i have ever played"
"with each gen.with the wii i think nintendo has taken us a step backwards with shameless gamecube rehashes of its old franchises.the revolution of a controller is an inaccurate gimmick which detracts from the games rather than adding anything."

Genius. lol.
You need to do an IQ test. A psychometrician is especially needed while you are doing the test to make sure you didnt cheat.

N4g_null3561d ago

Question, what have you played? What games are crap? I mean if you picked up E for every one shovel ware then that is your fault. Qualify your statement or we will have to assume your are just a fan boy.

There are plenty of good games along with the VC. Oh you don't like classic gaming? The prices are too high yet you can over pay for HD games that are on avg 10-20 dollar less on PC? Face it you may not be a gamer, in the console since you may just be a PC gamer. Go and get ET:QW and I'll see you only.

kornbeaner3561d ago

From a business standpoint they have done everything right to garner the position they are in. Forget about graphics a fun game is a fun game. While graphics do help (the main reason why I own a PS3) it's not the only thing that matters. And the part in the article about alienating the hardcore is bu**sh!t. This gens "HARDCORE" are nothing but raving fanboys that choose to piss on anything that is different then their choice in game, console, genre, developer, etc.

To me if you are truly hardcore you play a game no matter what system its on because that game is good and well made. For example I will play a game on whatever I have as long as the game is fun. PC, 360, PS3, DS, PSP, Cell Phone, Wii, no matter if the game is fun and well made it well take away from the very few minutes of spare time I have.

Nintendo did their research and despite what the "HARDCORE" will say they are the current #1 this gen and both companies (MS and Sony) are gonna have to pull something out their arse if they plan on taking that title away.

Xander-RKoS3561d ago

Because gaming has always been about tech...I mean, the lowest game tech on the market has never been the market leader...right? (as long as you ignore pretty much the entire Sega vs. Nintendo generation).

The playstations were hardly universally loved, same could be said about the SNES or NES. The Wii deserved to be market leader because of Nintendo's better marketing strategy. Make something that appeals to a wider demographic that has been ignored, cater as much as possible to both new and former gamers, as well as those who have been gaming for a long time, and sell at a profit.

As opposed to what MS and Sony seem to be doing which is: cram box full of whatever gamers want, ignore other demographics until it becomes clear we can't, hope we break even.

This is of course, without going into personal opinions on games and stuff, because I could say that I prefer most Wii games over 360/PS3 games because graphics don't matter to me that much, neither does online play (to a certain extent) and I love the Wii controller any of those arguments are pretty much moot to begin with.