How iPhone 3.0 Will Feel Different

The third iteration of iPhone software doesn't just add features like copy and paste. There's a lot new going on in terms of usability and interface that every non-power user will appreciate.

*The iPhone gets photo support for multimedia messaging. Plus, you can forward messages and stuff, too.

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Premonition3535d ago

I think apple hit most stuff on the head in this event, and I cant wait for it to be released, only downside is that it will be out this summer :( and no video recording as of yet, who knows when that will be released, but so far they have done a great job with this 3.0 update.

Half-Mafia3534d ago

why dont u jailbreak ur iPhone and download either Cycorder or Video recorder 3G from Cydia.

then u have video recording and the quality is pretty good aswell.

N4PS3G3535d ago

I was reading there's landscape keyboard for Mail and Notes on 3.0...anyone knows if SMS will support it too?

Elimin83535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

SMS will at least that is what i read from cnet and others, but seriously no MMS support for original iPhone holders. how fu#ed up is that.

Fishy Fingers3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Supposedly, all apps will support widescreen. So, yeah, messaging too :)

Widescreen keyboard is much easier to use. I find.

Edit: Yep, supported

Dam You Elimin8! ;)

N4PS3G3535d ago

Thanks guys MMS for the original iphone suks

Mindboggle3535d ago

Well i got an ipod touch and they shove there 3.0 up there ass. How do they expect people to pay for an update thats primarily aimed towards the iPhone, and infact has less features....They are already having a laugh at the price of the iPhone now they want to charge people who cant pay £450+ on an iPhone by punishing iPod touch users...

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edgeofblade3535d ago

You mean it didn't have MMS until now? Wow, that blows my mind.

joydestroy3535d ago

yeah i know! it blew my mind too dude. we are just now getting it. how retarded is that crap?

TheMART3535d ago

No video recording??? Guess after I get my 3G this weekend I'll stay on the Jailbroken 2.2.1 firmware then untill they Quickpwn 3.0 after summer.

butterfinger3535d ago

is more important to you than MMS even? Wow... I have video recording on my iPhone right now, and it's decent but nothing special. The camera itself just isn't that great to begin with.

jay23535d ago

Anyone else smell video recording coming.

Premonition3535d ago

It seemed that it would be announced seeing that some of the features felt like it would be able to make the iphone atleast touch video recording one way or another but who knows.

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