How Godfather is shaping up on the Wii and New Screens

It seems the Wii remake of EA's Godfather is not going to be pushing the Wii too hard in the graphical department.

But what it lacks in graphics is makes up for in controls because, unlike most of the many other cross platform ports that plague the Wii library at the moment, EA is making great use of the Remote to really enhance the gameplay.

The melee combat is what impresses us most. When engaging an opponent, swings of the Nunchuk controls your character's left arm, while jabs with the Wii Remote controls the right.

Grab your opponent by the scruff of his neck and you can shove them around as if they were actually in your hands. You pull them left and right with likewise sideways movements with the controllers, as well as shove them forward and even slam them against scenery, all with mimicking movements.

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