Does Sony's PS3 value argument hold up?

Cnet: Sony executives aren't doing enough to make their case. Whenever you look around the Web, the same basic argument is made: the PS3 is too expensive. But on numerous occasions, I've had the opportunity to discuss this issue with Sony representatives. During those calls, they've articulated their point to me about PS3 pricing and value.

Sony is well aware that the PlayStation 3 costs much more than the Xbox Arcade version or the Wii, but we can knock one competitor off immediately: the company doesn't really consider the Wii a competitor. Pricing against that console doesn't matter much, they say.

But Microsoft is very much a competitor, and although Sony likes to play with percentages and comparisons whenever NPD sales figures are made public, the Xbox 360 is winning in a big way. And most folks believe it's because of its price.

But instead of looking at price as the determining factor of purchase, Sony wants us to look at the value. Sure, the PlayStation 3 is more expensive if you consider initial cost, but over the life of the console, is it really the most expensive video game machine on the market? Sony contends that it's not.

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Zeus Lee3563d ago

Yep it does,I wouldn't expect a website desperate for a Microsoft check to understand this though.

DavidMacDougall3563d ago

Yeah was going to click the link until i seen Cnet wrote:

TheAntiFanboy3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Sony has this strategy:

- Put everything in the box so it works right off the bat. Less customization options for people who don't want all the features, and the base price is high, but there's much less confusion about what the console can do.

Microsoft has this strategy:

- Have multiple SKU's on the cheap and offer accessories for other features that don't come with the console out of the box. Allows more room for customizing and keeps the price low, but then customers can get confused about which version of the console is best for them. Additional research is required.

They both have their ups and downs, and judging by the phenomenal sales of both consoles, they're both successful strategies. Most of their features are more and less the same. Just pick which one is best for you. You will not be dissatisfied regardless of which console you get. If you think you can afford it, go ahead and get both. Then you get the best of both worlds. =]

Of course, the Wii isn't on this list, because almost everyone has one by default. =P

HAKUNA MATATA! What a wonderful phrase!

edgeofblade3563d ago

The value proposition works the way it should without a company whining "we gave you everything you want; why aren't you buying."

The fact that they aren't buying is proof conclusive that the value is lacking, not because of some desparate MS-lead media conspiracy. Sony first-and-foremost tried to shove Blu-ray down the gaming public's throat and the majority of gamers said no... we can put two and two together and we know it's a waste. Get over it.

And the funny thing is that Blu-ray put it in a position to WIN that value proposition. But with cheap blu-ray players, the value proposition changes without Sony lifting a finger. Now you can see that Blu-ray... their own technology... is independent and competing with the PS3.

no-spin3563d ago

the lack of buyers has nothing to do with the value of the console, just that the price is too much for mass market. And what you call lack of buyers is around 20 million, so i dont know what you are talking about. The PS3 is great value, and it has a premium tag because it is a premium console. is that so hard to understand?

Cryos3563d ago

wow. I could not disagree with you more.

The gaming community never said "no" to blu-ray, I believe only 360 fans did. ru Those of us that are smart gamers and consumers realize the value in the system, and don't dismiss it based on price.

blu-ray allows devs to broaden their vision and scope of their project, and that will become more and more evident over the life of the console.

And as for the PS3 competing against cheaper blu-ray players? Sure, I guess that makes sense...... especially if you think the 360 is being hurt by dvd, as was the PS2.

Lfmesquite3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

they've been getting outsold 2-1 by XBOX 360 in the NPD's.

There argument holds up about as well as John McCain's about why he should of been president.

It's the people who decide and obviously people don't care about PS3's value, they care about games.

Here's a question to PS3 fans. Why is PS3 getting outsold? Why?? You guys aren't 100% retarded, you guys see the NPD every month. Why is it getting outsold if Sony is right?

I see Sonys argument fails because they're getting outsold every month, it's a fact. I see the NPD results. So your fanhood and denial doesn't help PS3 sales.

The fact remains sales lag behing the XBOX 360 because it's too expensive and obviously people don't care enough about whatever other features the PS3 has.

So, no. The correct answer to the question is no. Their agrument does not hold up, as bitter a taste as it brings to the PS3 fans. It's just the truth.

As much as people disagree it's just the truth. Imagine if the NPD numbers had a disagree button? I'm sure it gets like 599 disagrees from PS3 fans. But the truth is the truth.

Lifendz3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Was this article written by the same "journalist" that gave the most biased questions ever to David Jaffe? Wake me up when a real site writes this piece.

BTW, I got my PS3 around launch.
I paid 550 total for a 60gb.
no extra fee for online
no cost for batteries.
10.00 headset on ebay
blu-ray included
560.00 without games

My cousin got his 360 at launch.
He paid 450.00 for a premium.
50.00 bucks a year x almost 4 years for XBL gold
25 bucks for rechargeable batteries
free headset
total: almost 700 bucks and counting without games

Oh yeah, he's on his 4th 360. He actually sold his last one to GS and bought an Elite. I'm on my launch PS3. The fan got loud on my 60gb recently, but I bought some endust and cleaned it out. It now is quiet as hell. So umm, that has to be some sort of factor as well, no?

So no value there?

SupaPlaya3563d ago

GREAT comment and deserve an agree and a bubble.

table3563d ago

you talk like the console 'war' only counts in the US. typical americans...

Somehow people forget the 360 has been out a year longer. its as though the year head start in sales is just ignored by the 360 fanboys.

MNicholas3563d ago

The reality is that nearly all american 360 and PS3 owners go online.

Wii: $250
Online: $0 over 5 years
total: $250

PS3: $400
PSN: $0 over 5 years
total: $400

360: $200
Live: $250 over 5 years
total: $450

That's not including wifi, hard-drive, blu-ray, etc...

Add just wifi and hard-drive and the 360 is already $700!

You can buy a PS3 and Wii for the cost of just the cheapest 360.

Moral of story: Nickel and dime pricing works

kwicksandz3563d ago

We have already seen articles that show you could get a competing console and a blu ray player and STILL have change from the money you would have spent on a ps3.

The articles closing words sum it up

"Is it about price or is it about value? Sony execs need to figure that out. And then, somehow, get consumers to see things their way."

SL1M DADDY3563d ago

And I thought that before I knew they were an MS butt-toy. Anywho, the PS3 was worth it's price when I paid 600 for it and today it is even better than it was when I bought it at launch. So yeah, it's value argument holds up. Heck, at least it's a reliable console and that in itself these days makes the price worth it.

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sinncross3563d ago

Yeah of course it does, I think the PS3 was one of my best purchases over the last few years, even my Samsung HDTV was a good idea after getting my PS3.

I honestly would not trade my PS3 purchase to buy anything else.

Nineball21123563d ago

I agree.... with all of the things my PS3 can do, I'm still amazed. It really is an entertainment "hub" and worth every penny I paid for it.

-EvoAnubis-3563d ago

The PS3 is the most used electronic device in my house.

ravinash3563d ago

I got my PS3 on day one when it was full price.
I haven't regretted it for a second.
The PS3 can do a lot more than just play games and I use a lot of the features.
No amount of cost cuts will matter as I already have it.
But I can safely say that I did get value for money.

Of course this all depends on your budget and how often you plan to use it.

Godmars2903563d ago

I'm still wondering how MS's value argument is suppose to work against the PS3.

If you want to do everything that they advertise for it, you're spending more than $200 for it.

003563d ago

so the PS3 should be greater than the 360 in sales.

krouse933563d ago

Yea Microsoft should be sued for false advertising. because after they show all the online features they slap down xbox 360 arcade 199. BULLSH!t

butterfinger3563d ago

As an owner of all 3 systems, I can honestly say that the PS3 definitely has the most features and USEFUL features out of the three. The PS3 is the best value even at $399 IMHO, but that is not what the general consumer cares most about during these times (recession). The average person that is looking at a gaming console (360 or PS3) is going to go for that $199/$299 all day over $399/$499 since they play most of the same games.

xbollox3563d ago

cnet is to M$ what foxnews is to repubicans:
a fair and balanced blow job

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3563d ago

Wonder what the 'C' stands for??? ;-D

iHEARTboobs3563d ago

For me it's a great deal. I bought my PS3, then my HDTV and then finally my surround sound system. If there was ever an equation for awesome that would be it.