Microsoft: We want more games on XBLA

Microsoft is trying to "bump up the pipeline" on Xbox Live Arcade and wants to see more releases on the service, Casual Games general manager Bryan Trussel has told CVG.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference last week, Trussel said that Microsoft is "trying to bump up the pipeline quite a bit".

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PS360WII4297d ago

Good to hear. I've been spouting about this in the last few days. XBLA is nothing what it could be. It's not offering what Wii already is doing and barley competes with what PS3 has for it's Arcade action. It has hopes they just need to get on the ball with it. Just my two cents that is I know many of you disagree with me, but I think this way for I downloaded a butt load of stuff for all the system. So far as games of quality the list goes Wii, PS3, and 360.

power of Green 4297d ago

Wii/old nintendo games, PS3 well i only know of one game that got any hype, 360 many retro games(boring) and great new IPs and remakes. Hmmm...

Maybe you can list some other badass arcade games for the PS3 that i some how missed also post the scores.

PS360WII4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

My personal preference.

Flow is the big one played it for 2 hours my first time playing. Blast Factor (just like geo wars only better), Guns, Cash, and Ammo was is a fun hecktic shooting arcade game, Q-bert is there old school. I was just saying the the XBLA needs something else. Their original IP's are lacking the finess of arcadeness, Zume was good, Alien Huminod is a good start but needs more. You are right about their retro selection (boring) they need to find out what they want the Arcade to be and go with it. They just seem to throw stuff in the air and see how it falls right now is all I'm saying.

The Snake4296d ago

I'd compare blast factor to Mutant Storm instead of Geometry Wars. I have Mutant Storm and from what I have played of Blast Factor I'd have to say they're much more similar. Cash Guns Chaos is basically a blatant ripoff of Smash TV with better graphics. As for this style of arcade game, I prefer Assault Heroes on XBLA.

TheSadTruth4297d ago

considering you can get everything on the wii for free... xbox live arcade is much better... maybe if Nintendo added an online component their VC crap wouldn't be a complete joke

PS360WII4297d ago

the only problem with that statment is I'd rather pay for what's on the Wii then what XBLA has. That's the XBLA problem which the artical is about. But I hear ya, yet from your name I'd almost expect you to say buy the stuff from Playstation Store... ah well

Covenant4296d ago

More classics, more original titles. Maybe they need to pull a Nintendo and buy someone's old library and release some of the better titles. OR: They already have Doom. What about other id games like Quake? Hexen? Also, more games like Alien Hominid would be welcomed.

The Snake4296d ago

Hell yeah. I'd buy the original Quake. More fun than Doom if you ask me.

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