Game Focus: MLB 09 The Show Review

Game Focus writes: "When I got my hands on MLB 08 The Show last year, I was amazed on so many levels. The gameplay improvements, the addition of new features, the high quality visuals and the incredible amount of other words, the game became the ultimate reference for baseball games. This year, Sony's baseball franchise returns and the development team over at SCE San Diego made sure to solidify the experience and work on the little things that would make the franchise continue on its path for greatness."


+ Great visuals, player animations and stadium renderings
+ Easy and efficient menu interface
+ Fielding improved, batting/pitching mechanics still very solid
+ Road to the Show mode has received a few changes. Very addictive mode
+ Custom music and chant recording are welcomed additions
+ Play-by-play commentary is stellar and feels natural
+ Stadium ambiance and the sense of realism is breathtaking


- Online experience has lots of hiccups
- Excessively and numerous loading times

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