EEDAR - Retail Sales Preview February 2009

Sony are expected to post a fourth monthly year-over-year sales decline in a row in America.

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mint royale3563d ago

the people willing to pay the asking price for the ps3 is getting less and less. The 360 had the same problems and a price cut revitalised. The same thing is due for the ps3 once it happens.

wii ftw3563d ago

the wii is holding very strong too. Much better than it is in Japan.

Mike Wallace3563d ago

if they start to show an incline by year five, maybe in five years they can break even!

be_wrong3563d ago

if you'll read the other articles that are posted on n4g and other sites, the wii is slowly declining in sales especially in japan. the ps3? it's been on top of the next gen consoles since last january. so i think they need to get their facts straight

mint royale3563d ago

The only place where sales are declining for the wii is in Japan. Sales YOY are hugely up for the wii.

And ps3 the top nex gen console? Well that the wii but presuming your discounting that then it was behind throughout 2009 until the killzone bump. The ps3 will be behind until the pricecut. Then it wll be ahead. Simple.