Encyclopedia included in Frontline: Fields of Thunder

The team behind soon to be released PC strategy game, Frontline: Fields of Thunder, have focused a great deal of attention on the historical realism in the game.

To further support any historical data that has been used in the game, the developers have created an extensive Encyclopedia where players can search for additional information on every single unit represented in the game.

The Encyclopedia lists must know facts on armored vehicles like "Ferdinand Heavy AT SPG" and "Hetzer Flamethrower", planes like "Ju 88-A Bomber", "Me-262A-1 Schwalbe Fighter" and "SM-79 Spaviero Bomber", artillery like "BM-31-12 Heavy Rocket Launcher" and "BS-3 100mm Heavy AT Gun" and other vehicles like the "Hummel Mobile Howitzer" and more.

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