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Marie3536d ago

Not surprising I tried to tell people.

UnwanteDreamz3536d ago

"The press release makes no mention of the PlayStation 3."

I wonder did anyone make any mention of the PS3 in early press releases for Bioshock?

crazy-eyez-killah3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

It would be nice but not too bothered either way myself..

PS3 has many great games coming.

EDIT: By the way, If I want to play it I will play the superior version on my gaming PC.. Not on butter hardware.

mint royale3536d ago

the game should be available to more people it will be awesome. Disappointment.

Aquanox3536d ago

We all knew this.

You can't blame Sony boys for desiring so deeply the best RPG of this generation though.

Blademask3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

And play from my couch.
With my surround sound.
Hopefully I still wont have to upgrade my pc, like i havent had to since the start of this generation.

I do hope that they fix the laundry list of bugs for the 360 version though. Those loading hallways have to go.

That brings the grand total of 2009 360 exclusive games to: 2

edit @ disagrees.

My bad, its not Exclusive to the PC, its exclusive to the 360.

nycredude3536d ago

Is this game available on the PC? I only ask because, together with my Ps3 I also have a decent PC rig... If I get sick of all the Ps3 exclusives and feel the need, which I doubt will happen, to play yet another decent game then I'll just pick it up for my PC.

Just my 2 cents for all those inevitable "It's a shame PS3..." comments.

divideby03536d ago

I am enjoying Fallout 10x more than I did ME.
ME had boring and blandish and barren landscapes.

mint royale3536d ago

ME was underrated. Quality game son.

morganfell3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Actually Blade, Mass Effect isn't a 2009 exclusive. It isn't coming until 2010.

chaosatom3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

MS must have recognized the importance of ME to the public.

I still wouldn't rule out Timed exclusivity but it's going to be too late for that and porting unreal engine doesn't gives the best results.

PirateThom3536d ago

Mass Effect was definitely underrated. Easily the best game of 2007. The story, gameplay, characters... everything was just awesome. A few times I just stopped at watched the sky on a few planets and it was incredible.

joydestroy3536d ago

it said early 2010, not '09.

but booo at this! i was hoping to play it on my PS3 this go 'round instead of my 360. well, they def better get rid of that loading crap if they want my money this time! at least make loading happen less often.

mint royale3536d ago

what the hell does any of that video have to do with it being on the 360? Its the style of the game not the restrictions of the hardware that the video is complaining about.

EDIT: Funny vid tho! Elevator sequences!

rroded3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

it was pretty good tho the glitches and load times sucked a lot of the joy out of it 9i get flashbacks every time i get on an elevator now)
might get the next one on pc tho ill prob get the drm/windows live free version...
Unless the 360 version is a lot better than the last one.

pumpkinpunker3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Cue the SDF! Now ME2 has gone from an awesome game that is now multi-platform because of EA to an over-rated 360 console exclusive developed by Bioware. Do Sony fanboys even have any shame?

Oh wait, now we'll all learn that they all have $3000 PC gaming rigs with surround sound and customized dual-shock controllers...yeah, yeah, yeah. Anything to avoid paying a measly $199 for a X360.

I'll say it one last time: MS has a deal with Bioware. How many Bioware games have ended up on a Sony console? When EA bought Bioware it didn't nullify any outstanding contracts they had prior to the merger.

Played Oblivion. Played Fallout 3. Played Lost Odyssey. Played Fable 2. Mass Effect is a notch above all of them.

green3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Mass Effect was so underrated and is the best game i have played this gen.

Bioware pls release an expansion pack this year for Mass effect to at least make the wait for ME2 a bit more bearable.

@slim daddy: well you are entitled to your opinion but lets be real here.Oblivion better than Mass Effect?common

SL1M DADDY3536d ago

The best RPG this gen? Wow, I would classify that as a truly silly and sarcastic comment or, a misguided attempt at poking fun of Sony fans about a "decent" RPG, not a great one. Sorry, but even the likes of Oblivion blow Mass Effect out of the water in terms of RPG elements.

callahan093536d ago

OK, I'm not going to try to say that it's coming to PS3 or even that I think it's coming to PS3, BUT, I will argue semantics: This is not a confirmation that the game is not on PS3. This is a confirmation that it's on the 360 and the PC, with "no mention of the PS3." Failure to mention a platform is not the same thing as confirming that it won't be coming to that platform. Especially with Game Developer's Conference next week, why would they announce it coming to PS3 in a press release when they could do it at a major show? Again, the likelihood is slim, but this is not technically a confirmation that it won't be on PS3.

Aquanox3536d ago

Bioware made Mass Effect 2 to be underrated due to lack of polish. All other aspects of the game from story, character development, sound and visuals were incredible.

If they keep up with this quality standard and take their time to polish it more, I'm sure you'll have a 9.3-10 scores galore all over the place, and there's no reason to think otherwise. They already have experience with the software and hardware and are not rushing the game to hit xMas.

chrisnick3536d ago

anyone else stop to think that maybe, just maybe, sony could be waiting for gdc or e3 to announce it? That's what ms did with ff13

morganfell3536d ago

Best RPG this gen? Ha ha, Valkyria Chronicles eats Mass Effect for breakfast. And The Witcher easily beats Mass Effect in terms of story, development quality, combat, menus, inventory, etc etc ad nauseum.

pumpkinpunker3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Morganfell, you're living in dreamland, buddy, but rock on! SDF, HOOOOOOOO!

Valkyria Chronicles, although a good game, is not even in the same conversation as Mass Effect.

Blademask3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

didn't know that...

why is everyone getting excited again? A 360 multiplat is staying multiplat on the PC? and its coming out in 2010.. im lost?

"Bioware made Mass Effect 2 to be underrated due to lack of polish. All other aspects of the game from story, character development, sound and visuals were incredible."

lol.. it had lack of polish because the unreal engine & the 360 couldn't stream load it to save its life. Just like Gears 2 wasn't bigger, badder or more badass. Expect the same lumbering stumble to the 1.5 version. But hey, we gotta wait till 2010 to see anyway.

Blur studios is currently working on the Mass Effect 2 trailer and the Fable3 trailer btw. So the first thing we are going to see is going to be pre-rendered.

mint royale3536d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and ME2. Its great not being a hater. Some people really need to chill. Videogames shouldn't matter this much to some people come on!

Doctor_Doom3536d ago

I can't wait for ME2 . ME1 was one of the best WRPG for me

bloop3536d ago

Well that sucks for PS3 only people. ME was totally under rated. One of the best games I've played. Looking forward to the sequel.

Sarcasm3536d ago

Sorry PS3 fans, no ME for you guys.

However to grasp at one last straw

The article doesn't deny a PS3 version either.

It would be nice if they just said "The ME series is Exclusive to the Xbox 360"

Then there wouldn't be all this speculation.

SL1M DADDY3536d ago

I have to say... Can they make the elevator rides a little shorter next time around? Good gravy!

anh_duong3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

How about I tell you to check my facebook account and check that my friends list. A well-informed source (by this i mean someone right at the top - not some ea numbnut) on this list tells me it is coming out on the ps3 after a slight delay.

it ain't just a friend of a friend rumor.

No Way3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Overrated? Because it wasn't on the PS3 right? Get outta here..
It's my favorite RPG of this generation.. by far.

@morganfell - Thanks for reassuring everyone here. Now, go have your five(5) minutes of giggling..

@green - Wasn't there an article on here before saying that there may be a new ME DLC to come out this year? o.O

I love it when people say ME is "overrated" and so on, when the game won like 50 awards. ME was severely underrated, and is by far my favorite RPG of this generation, and one of my top games of this generation, if not one of my favorite games ever.

tatotiburon3536d ago

and Microsoft will thank you with all your support for buying games to xbox 360 and windows.

Consoldtobots3536d ago

while Im sure that this is an excellent game to many, I have both the 360 and later PC version and didn't finish either one. As a matter of fact I played about two levels of the PC version and realized that even without the glitchfest the 360 provided this game is actually REALLY DAMN BORING.

just my opinion folks, I won't be looking forward to the sequel.

Trebius3536d ago

If someone with a PS3 really wants it right away...just get it on the PC...its better on the PC

Delive3536d ago

I know many acclaim the first game as a great game. I on the other hand did not get very far. The focus on talking and the RPG inspired shooting system turned me off. I had no plans on getting the second, regardless of the system.

3536d ago
TheBand1t3536d ago

Yea, not really a suprise tbh. The first one didn't really click with me though, so it's not a biggy.

Come on, fellow PS3 fans, it isn't like we don't have exclusive games out the ass in '09.

Sheikh Yerbouti3536d ago

Gooder games should be available for the bestest consoles...!

IcarusOne3536d ago

I want as many gamers as possible to enjoy this franchise.

So whether you play it on Xbox or play it on your PC with disdain for the Xbox, I don't care. Just play it. Play it. Play it.

evrfighter3536d ago

I sure do hope you ps3 fanatics buy it for the pc that most of you say is to expensive to game on....ya imo about 75% of you guys that are spouting off your gonna buy it on the pc know you don't have a gaming pc.


Like I said I really would like to see this games sales on the pc spike if not only so that stupid "pc gaming is dying" myth would go away...So if your runnin your mouth about buying the superior version to piss off 360 fans. I won't hold it against you just as long as you actually buy a gaming pc down the road.

JokesOnYou3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

It looks like its unlikely that it will come to ps3 at least not at the same time, but really I wouldn't care if it did....I already know its coming to 360 so I'll be playing ME2 on the same platform I played the original on. Mass Effect is hands down the best RPG I've played this gen, hell is it really a RPG? I'm sure the few technical issues will be ironed out but hell I'd take ME2 with the same technical issues over many other RPG's with no framerate hiccups, seriously this game is fcking good....hell I advise ps3 owners to actually put their money where their mouth is this time and really get the PC version if they don't own or want the 360 version. ME is highly UNderated and is the type of experience NO gamer should miss.


locos853536d ago

They make no mention of the PS3. That doesn't mean it's not coming to the PS3. So I would not say this is confirmed.

anh_duong3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

for all the disagreers i just don't want you to get the impression that i am spoiling your party on me2 being exclusive. just check my xbox gamer profile (anhduong) you will see i have 29 xbox 360 games and one of them includes me. i got no gamer points on them because i am using a new profile. i.e. i have no reason to hate the xbox.

anyway, my point is mass effect 2 is 100000% coming out on the ps3. it will be out around 9 months to a year after the xbox version but it is coming nontheless. i used to work at EA a long time ago and my source says it is a timed exclusive.

as a further give away the EA press release never mentioned that the game was an xbox eclusive and nor did it mention that the game wasn't coming to the ps3 - it only mentions what console the game was going to appear on but no comment on whether it would appear on the ps3. hence every EA press comment going forward will be that the game will appear on the xbox 360 but no denial that it won't appear on the ps3.

NickIni3536d ago

This isn't 'confirmed'. True, it does look unlikely, but Bioware have not come out and said "there is no PS3 version", they just haven't announced it ;)

There is still hope. Be it slim.

Stubacca3536d ago

I kinda wanted to play ME2 on the PS3. I no longer have a 360. ME was a good game but I refuse to put it in the ultimate RPG category!

Is it really that important anyway? It's not out for another year! There are so many cracking games on the PS3, both right now and over the next 12 months, so who really cares?

If it turns out to be THAT good, I'll grudgingly get it for PC. I'm just disappointed that EA haven't tried to widen the availability of the game to those of us with superior tastes in games consoles.


- Ghost of Sparta -3536d ago

Confirmed just like BioShock and Ninja Gaiden 2 right? Lol. Mass Effect 2 is published by EA and they make more money on the PS3 platform. Don't be surprised when it does end up on the PS3.

Koroshiya_Keefu3536d ago

I too, shall also get Mass Effect 2 for my MacBook Pro (running Windows via Bootcamp), as a much more superior version than the 360.

gamersden3536d ago

expect a ps3 announcement this e3/GDC

in order to survive EA has to make this multiplat

callahan093536d ago

@ No Way:

I enjoyed Mass Effect as much as the next guy, but I'll never understand statements like yours. You readily acknowledge the game's 50+ awards that various publications gave it, the game sits at over 90% on MetaCritic (so it got great reviews), and it sold millions. . . How exactly can any of that translate to "underrated"?

I_am_rushin3536d ago

Too bad for EA they are missing out on more revenue.

Lord Vader3536d ago

"Realistically, PS3 owners wouldn’t get their copy of the game until 2012. By that time BioWare would be starting (or finishing) alpha code for the third game. Would it really be sensible to port over a game that old to a system that’s already selling less third-party software outside of Japan, than the 360? "

3536d ago
No Way3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

It's already on the "bestest consoles!" =)

@callahan09 - Hehe. I guess you have a point. =P But, then again, I could ask that same question to those that say the game is overrated..
If anything the game would be underrated, not overrated.

@I_am_rushin - You could say the same about Kojima, and any, and every, game company that makes a game exclusive. That is, of course, they are not a first party developer.

TheExecutive3535d ago

The best RPG this generation? That was a joke post right? I mean ME was fun but it wasnt the best this generation.

Doesnt matter for me anyway, will enjoy this on whatever system it comes out on. This makes the decision easy.

ikaris3535d ago

Mass effect 2 on 2 discs! Or mandatory DLC! lulz lulz lulz.
Us poor ps3 owners.

3535d ago
pain777pas3535d ago

oblivion is still the best RPG this gen however this is a close 2nd in my opinion and a slight disappointment. Bioware could release a 2 games on one bluray and call it something else to get around this though couldn't they?

IdleLeeSiuLung3535d ago

The way EA revealed this means that ME2 will most likely be released on PS3 as well, in a year when it likely doesn't matter more to MS or the fanboys. It will eventually get there and unless a they repeat the Orange Box debacle (crappy port), the PS3 version is the definitve version to get.

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happyface3536d ago

White Knight Story will be a much bigger hit anyway

it will sell millions in the US and sell millions of PS3s

MURKERR3536d ago

90% of ps3 owners have pc's so they need not miss out

mint royale3536d ago

Good game but I doubt it will revolutionise sales.

green3536d ago

really, because Sony fanboys sure were s*iting on PC gaming in this article.Just read from comment 11 down.

iNcRiMiNaTi3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

but how much of that percent have PCs that can run the game?

either way, kinda weird how its not multi-console. wouldnt that have made EA more money?

[edit] owait nvm, read greens comment. apparently ps3 owners hate pc gaming yet everytime i see a 360/pc article theres one ps3 owner saying they'll just play it on their pc

orakga3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

... was quite honestly bad. Worse than FO3 and definitely worse than ME. Sorry, but it's the truth. DEMON'S SOULS, on the other hand... that's an excellent ARPG on the PS3, but I digress.

As for ME, my biggest complaints with that game were:

1) slow framerate (price of the graphics)
2) repetitive grinds (but it's an RPG so I shouldn't complain)
3) ridiculous loading screens

I was hoping a PS3 version would alleviate at least #1 and #3, but oh well. I hope that Bioware will at least implement some sort of HDD install option so that those elevator scenes can be cut down or eliminated.

I mean, seriously... going ONE FLOOR up within the Normandy takes nearly 20 seconds!! And this is supposed to be the future where people are traveling faster than the speed of light with the discovery of the "Mass Effect"??

Keowrath3536d ago

there's a huge difference between fanboys and regular owners.

0verdrive3536d ago

i dont really see where or when anyone who owns a ps3 hates on pc gaming, pc gaming and console gaming garner to totally different crowds. i, personally, like both, for different reasons.

you can get a gaming rig that can play pretty much anything now for under a grand, and if you build it yourself, itll cost you like 500 bucks, parts are so cheap now.

i stand fast by the belief that ps3+pc is definitely the way to go, because the pc version is usually vastly superior to the 360 version, and in terms of shooters kb+mouse eat the 360 controller for breakfast. if it comes out on 360, it is probably coming out on one of the two other platforms. if its a big title on ps3, ie kz2, its staying on ps3. even computers that people buy for every day usage can run most games at decent settings, and it takes like 100 bucks to upgrade it to the point where it will run the game on par with consoles.

senerock3536d ago

an announcement for a great game and ur hating because it's not out on the 360...grow up please.

TheExecutive3535d ago

No way White knight sells more than ME2.... no way. In fact, you would have to be on some serious special K to be believing that.

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fire233536d ago

Not completely surprised, but I would not be surprised either that it is a timed exclusive if they don't announce the PS3 soon. The PS3 is picking up serious momentum.

happyface3536d ago

once the Titanic was half full of water it began to sink faster