iPhone 3.0 unveiled by Apple

Pocket Gamer live blogs the unveiling of the new Apple iPhone 3.0, uncovering minute by minute revalations as to the new direction the popular device is now heading in.

The latest gossip hints at cut'n'paste, MMS, push notifications and apps running in the background, a new 32GB iPhone, and the long-rumoured Premium App Store.

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meepmoopmeep3561d ago

Peer-to-peer connectivity but not over a WiFi


Hobgoblin3561d ago

Yeah - tons of possibility with that little gem.

meepmoopmeep3561d ago

"Push notification!!!"


Blaze9293561d ago

what a slap in the face for first gen iphone owners -_-

kharma453561d ago

Totally agree, and don't forget iPod Touch owners (like myself) having to pay for a third feckin update.

Plus, that bluetooth feature will only work for 2G iPod Touch owners, so if I was to get it, I'd be paying full whack for something that isn't even going to give me all that I paid for.

Time like this make me want to jailbreak my Touch.

Mindboggle3561d ago

I have a 1st gen iPod touch and even though its lacking features its still an amazing device. I was going to buy an iPhone then I realised for the price (£350 + £10 a month) I could get a really good laptop, so I did. Ill probably get an iPhone soon but ill probably wait until they upgrade the camera.....

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joydestroy3561d ago

c'mon...MMS seriously. this needs to happen now!

Elimin83561d ago

Hope you got a 3G iPhone... cause MMS is not gonna work on the older "2G" models.. :c

DailyAddict3561d ago

push notification is "ok", but no background processes is lame. They just used push as an excuse to not allow the iphone to do what every other device on the market does. Citing poor battery life as a result is a cop out, as anyone with a BlackBerry will tell you they have dozens of apps running in the background and the device will last all day. So, what they meant to say was that "our device" sucks when apps are running in the background and not devices in general. Still, I suppose push is better than nothing, but still means the iphone has zero multitasking.

deeznuts3561d ago

That's cool with me. Cut and paste was a biggie. I picked an iphone over a blackberry mainly for the browsing. I don't care what anyone says, browsing on a berry sucks. And I had both for a few weeks each.

The apps are really cool too. The phone is for business, and it's give or take between features.

butterfinger3561d ago

Push, Sims, and ESPN all look nice! Turn by turn is looking great as well!

Fishy Fingers3561d ago

IF they include MMS support they better roll it back for the standard/3G iphone. It's a standard feature you'd expect from any phone, let alone one the most expensive smart phones.

Cut 'n' paste/apps in the background, you can already achieve through jail breaking. As well as MMS, kind of, it's done through the 02 (UK) website, just you must recieve one before you can send one.

DailyAddict3561d ago

well all features support the iPhone 3G, but MMS and A2DP does not support the original iPhone. Apple continues to give the middle finger to its most loyal customers - the early adopters.

Elimin83561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I know. It sucks.. I guess that's what they do when they want you to upgrade, keep out a long awaited feature....

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The story is too old to be commented.