GameStop's McKenzie: Beatles Game's 'Added Material' Makes It Work

Talking to Gamasutra as part of an in-depth interview to be published in the near future, GameStop SVP of merchandising Bob McKenzie has been discussing prospects for The Beatles: Rock Band, suggesting that the "added material" in the game elevates it above being another Rock Band iteration.

The title, to be released this September for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, is a collaboration between Rock Band creators Harmonix and Beatles rights owners Apple Corps.

Though there are relatively few specifics, George Harrison's son Dhani recently revealed that the game will include material "that has never been heard, never been released."

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Bubble Buddy3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

I want this so bad :(. THE BEATLES FOREVER. R.I.P John, George.

But $250 seems pretty steep for the little extras...

Rockox3536d ago

I probably won't bother with the full bundle, but the game is a day-one purchase for me. Harmonix FTW.