Lost Odyssey's cosplay

User of gaming forum -, made a very interesting L.O.'s cosplay of Kaim Argonar. See it after jump.

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KiD_d3478d ago

Lol, u here now :D

Бля, ну вы пиздец xDD

rockleex3478d ago

This many(3) chicks on N4G? O_o

Dmitry Orlov3477d ago

lol that's awesome. I love LO :)

Пиздец мы жжом) Ида, мы ебанулись!

kwicksandz3477d ago

Give me ming cosplay or give me death

DroN4eG3478d ago

this guy is so sexy *_*

kewlkat0073478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

My favorite traditional turn-based Jrpg this gen...

That guy looks too western and too Fabio lookin..

Laygan3478d ago


ult5553478d ago

Give me his phone number ^_____________^

- Ghost of Sparta -3478d ago

What is wrong with all the people commenting here? This is just sad and cosplayers are even sadder.

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The story is too old to be commented.