The PlayStation 3 Price Cut That Wasn't

Will they or won't they, the old saw familiar as death and taxes. The PlayStation 3 costs $400 in a U.S. retail economy that's still plummeting as unemployment pushes past 8.1 percent. Not an enviable position to be in, especially not when your competition (Nintendo as much as Microsoft, whatever the executive bigwigs claim) is priced so dramatically below you.

The internal business cosmology of economic indices that ultimately dictate when Sony drops the PS3's price - and by how much - are impossible to estimate in a planning capacity. At some point Sony's manufacturing costs will drop sufficiently and the internal bean counter fiscal financial minimums will align with some executive's "tolerable losses" formula, thus setting the cogs and wheels cranking on a price "event" announcement.

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butbutbuttehcell3563d ago

If Sony are only losing $50 dollars per PS3 right now then then they only need an attach rate of like 2 to start making money back. They should drop the price by at least $50 (Only 3/4 games need to be sold to make the profits back on $100 loss) not to mention the royalties of Blu Ray which would see a big increase if PS3s start flying off the shelves. At the moment they're in last place and falling further behind because they want to make more money on each PS3. Surely if they entice a few million more to get it through a price cut, they'll make a lot more on all the software and other things they'll sell...

TOO PAWNED3563d ago

no one knows how much money sony is losing(or making) on each PS3 sold. Sony never official said anything about that, so it is just another speculative bs.

T-Baggins3563d ago

Sony has been in the video game business for 15+ years (a an electronic company for 0ver 50 years) why in the f*ck do people think they need to be told how to run there business, they know what they are doing.