New Pokemon Platinum screenshots

Nintendo published some new screenshots from Pokemon Platinum. Check them out.

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IAmChad153535d ago

They look really cool, I can't wait for the game to come out!

Bubble Buddy3535d ago

For me, Pokemon died after Johto... :/

krouse933535d ago

Gold and silver were the best because you could get 16 badges not so in recent games like what gives?

PS3istheshit3535d ago

i didnt really like the newer pokemon
the new seasons look like the blended fruit juices and made it a pokemon
i only played emerald last
pokemon gold was crazy

Nihilism3535d ago

out of dedication to my old school obsession with pokemon games, (ive been playing since the original gameboy) i kept buying them, and altough they're still's on gameboy so it's kind of redundant, what they need is a 3d version for the wii, and i don't mean one of their battle games, i mean actual full 3d pokemon game, that'd make me buy another wii...(sold mine after dissapointing libray of games)

krouse933535d ago

3D pokemon Would be great.

Microsoft Xbox 3603535d ago

Yes that is exactly what I want from a Pokemon game. A 3D RPG Pokemon game.I want realtime battling of the Pokemons. No invisible attack crap like Pokemon Stadium

FF7numbaone3535d ago

lol yea pokemon needs a 3d mmo or single player rpg.

resistance1003534d ago

An MMO on DS would be great

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