Ausgamers: Resident Evil 5 Review

Ausgamers writes: "Yet none of that stops this game from being awesome in its own right, and if you can look past the awkward and clunky controls, you're going to have a lot of fun. Here's hoping the next update thinks as far outside the box as Res Evil 4 did in comparison to its original counterparts."

What we liked

+ Absolutely stunning visuals
+ Good voice-acting (for a change)
+ Sheva is an added bonus as an AI teammate (for a change)
+ Cut-scenes are directed with uber-style
+ Bosses look awesome

What we didn't like

- Screen tearing everywhere
- Invisible walls get annoying
- Some may still be put off by the awkward controls
- Intrusive HUD and other elements detract from overall immersion
- There's no merchant :( Bring him back!

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