Four months later, and still busted...

The Start Screen writes,

Despite the release of the awesome Killzone 2 and some above-average downloadable content, not everything is peachy keen with the folks at Sony. No, sir. Beneath that glossy exterior of the PlayStation 3 lies a dark horse that's leaving a certain part of a game community feeling burdened and cheated. We're talking about SOCOM Confrontation, and the story isn't pretty. Let The Start Screen fill you in on some details.

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dkgshiz3561d ago

Its a very fun game. Probably in my top favorite shooters really.

dkgshiz3561d ago

Most of the bugs are gone now.

morganfell3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

In the past several nights I have spent countless hours - 4 or so and the experience has been flawless. There are tons of people on line and not one complaint among them. In fact there have been flashes of SOCOM II, but without the lag.

DelbertGrady3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

You played it for 4 hours and didn't hear any complaints. I take your words for it, the game is perfect.

Btw, did you play it with or without your 4-D goggles?

morganfell3561d ago

No, I logged tons of hours before and had some issues. Now I have logged at least 4 hours A NIGHT since the new patch and neither myself nor any of the hundreds of players on line have had a single issue. In fact all of the non game specific chatter has been about how everything is functioning great.

The one thing that does need to be added is a mandatory timed launch that occurs regardless of who has greened up. I gave you a decent response to your remark, now you can have the ignore button as well.

Panthers3561d ago

None of the people playing complain because they all love it, like me. It is the only good online shooter. I really didnt like KZ2 at all online and COD 4 is noobish. No game has ever compared to Socom.

Coconutz9193561d ago

There's no need for a comment like that. 4D Goggles? Really? Try not to respond like a jerk every time you post. You're not helping this site.
On topic, I can't really say for myself since I've never played Confrontation, but I know the writer of the article is in the minority. Looking at various boards for this game most people seem to be enjoying themselves with little to no problems. SOCOM has its following, and I'm pretty sure people wouldn't still be playing if it had the same issues it had at launch.

DelbertGrady3561d ago

"Looking at various boards for this game most people seem to be enjoying themselves with little to no problems."

Maybe those boards, like N4G, are crowded with people who are unable to criticize PS3 exclusives? It has a metacritic .avg of 6.3. IGN scored it 4.5/10. People laugh at people who say Too Human is alright, yet it scored 7.8/10 from IGN. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you claim SOCOM is awesome lol!

locos853561d ago

I'm happy with the game. I'm on almost every night. There are a few problems and flaws but I am able to get passed them and actually enjoy the game instead of sitting around writing blogs about them, and keeping me from enjoying this game.

PS: I love sniping!!!

TheAntiFanboy3561d ago

Because the ratings are each from an individual point of view. There will always be someone who genuinely enjoys it. Ratings are opinions. Thus, they don't apply to everyone. Even if the majority opinion is in favor of one side.

Coconutz9193561d ago

So you honestly think that ALL these people who spend a lot of their freetime playing this game and then talking about it are in fact hurting deep inside because their 4D goggles are showing them otherwise? Of course you bring up metacritic. All those reviews are from the decidedly "broken" launch version. Now, there is absolutely no denying that the game had a VERY rocky start, but it has come a long way. Also, I hope you enjoyed Too Human. I haven't played it so I wouldn't be so bold as to comment on something that I've never seen before. I'll let you on a little secret though: I thought Lair was okay and look how that did.

SiLeNt KNighT3561d ago

I was a HUGE socom 2 fan and couldnt wait for confrontation. Got it day one...and sold it a month later. I was more than disappointed. /six did a horrible job imo. Im still waiting for zipper to make their full version but /six even ruined that anticipation a bit for me. I hope zipper can make a recovery

DelbertGrady3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

So reviews don't mean that games are good/bad? I'll remember that the next time someone mentions LBP and Killzone 2.

I guess sales don't matter either, even though they are the best way to see wether people liked a game or not. If you like a game you buy it, so in many ways sales reflect the peoples reviews. But lets save that for later. It wouldn't end well with any of the games mentioned =)

Cenobia3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

That's a retarded argument. Sales don't mean sh!t. It just means a game was hyped and advertised a lot. And reviews are just people's opinions. Often times those opinions are effected by hype (whether writers are personally effected by it, or are afraid their ratings will be effected by it; ie. a review site that gives Halo a 5 probably won't live very long).

I bought GTA IV and was extremely disappointed. So were a lot of the other people that purchased the game. Far Cry 2 scored 9's across the board, and that game is utter crap.

You can't seem to believe that people have different opinions. Maybe people will start listening to yours when you've actually played the game you're b!tching about.

Face Palm3561d ago

PS3 is my favorite console but I have to admit SOCOM was a big FAIL.

Fvckin Slant Six, you ruined SOCOM!

BattleAxe3561d ago

The bad score that SOCOM received when it came out were deserved, but since then the game has been fixed and is working smoothly.

Gears2 is going through the same thing SOCOM went through in terms of patching a broken online game that should have been working good when it was released.

3561d ago
Kaneda3561d ago

Am I the only one that like SOCOM now?

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1233603561d ago

i got the bundle for 29.99 now the headset cost 24.99 so the game was a fiver,five quid and people are moaning for a free online game of socom,okay its not the socom graphics i thought it would be this gen,but its not a forty quid game,the game play is still there,now being it only come out 13/3/2009 in the uk i have had no problems with it what so ever,i just hope they take up the graphics to killzone levels then i,m really impressed.zipper would have done it better theres no doubt about that in terms of graphics but there time is better spent on mag i have high hopes for this one,its also another new ip for the ps3 so that can,t be a bad thing now.

Chubear3561d ago

... you want KZ2 graphics for a downloadable game?... do you know what you're talking about?

Ju3561d ago

I think the visuals are pretty good, actually. Very highly detailed and great environments. Its open world after all. Great lightning and extra sharp resolution.

I don't even know what the complains are about this game. I don't play it much (well, just had to play a couple of games on my lunch break, just to get back into it). But when I play, I definitively enjoy this game.

I think all this b!tching got addressed after the second update, now its more cosmetic. I think the lobby could use some work (for us noobs) and I had some lag here and there. But rather rarely.

KiD iZ DiRTY3561d ago

it is meant to be a sarcastic title as in "the game still has connection problems and glitches you ran into at the beginning of the game's launch most part" thank you

morganfell3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Please learn how to edit. You title does not match the title of the article you submitted. It is simple English and the idea of a cut and paste should not be that difficult. All of the times you stated you fixed the article you were actually being dishonest. Instead of being hotheaded, try being accurate. Changing the title in the article rather than your submission is a cheap way to do things.

The article originally stated:

"Four months later, and SOCOM's still busted...":

You submitted "Four months later, and still busted..."

So after numerous reports you change the article's title rather than your submission.

And your link still does not properly take you to the article but instead takes you to your webpage. Nice bid for hits.

JokesOnYou3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I dont see much sarcasm in the title especially when the article says this:

"But that's not the point of this article. Last week, a dude named Brian Amundson shot me an email, making a compassionate speech about how Slant Six Games essentially f*cked over the SOCOM community. Those connection problems and glitches you ran into at the beginning of the game's launch are still around for the most part. FOUR MONTHS LATER. After numerous promises from Slant Six team members that they would not only be addressed, but remedied. They haven't been, and Sony has its most broken game since those 98 percent complete copies of Gran Turismo 2. But at least that was playable compared to this miserable, broken mess. I still can't believe Sony corporate hasn't stepped in to wipe it up. I read Brian's email. He talked about how the SOCOM community in general had an "overall feeling of disappointment and betrayal". I can honestly say I felt the same way, and this is coming from a person who isn't a direct loyalist of the series. (More of a Halo fan myself -- and no, you Sony lovers, that doesn't put me in Microsoft's f*cking pocket). Four months have passed by, and only minimal updates have been applied to the experience. Basically, what we have here is a game still running on training wheels, and they've gone flat. The repairs necessary haven't been made, and they're waning on the community. Brian continues that Slant Six didn't hold up their end of the bargain with promises to make the game for the community, by the community. Slant Six hasn't kept their promises, and tons of forum posts over at their own message boards ( have been unaddressed. Go ahead, take a look."

"Oh, and before you Sony fanboys rip me a new one, consider this. The fact you're defending such a busted piece of shi* like this makes you dumber than the execs who thought this would be a great way to make a buck off the community. Keep that in mind."

"-- Robert Workman is a senior writer for AOL GameDaily and a co-host of The Gamers Garage at He's also up for a game of Killzone 2 with whoever. You know, in an online game that actually works f*cking online..."

-uhm, you could call this alot of things but sarcastic really doesn't describe his comments accurately....I'd say his "pissed".


fredy3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

or maybe that eye patch is not helping to see correctly. i hear nothing but issues for this game, even from socom fantics. they screwed up big time for a big framchise.

Chubear3561d ago

You mean you just did a FUD article cause of SOCOM launch in EU. You're full of crap. Not sure you know what the word sarcastic means cause that article wasn't even close. It's just FUD.

Ju3561d ago

So, Fredy, what are YOUR issues with the game? I mean other then from the people you hear complaining about (which I don't and I play it).

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