Bluetooth connection issue arises with Sixaxis

Distressed forum goers have experienced frequent connection failure between their Sixaxis controllers and the PS3.

The fault, which seems to occur at random, results in a complete loss of control for around three seconds.

The numerous posters in two separate NEOGAF forum discussions (here and here) have noted that the error is unrelated to the battery charge level, with low battery power being the initial suspected cause.

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Siesser4297d ago

I've had this happen to me twice online while playing Resistance - very annoying. By no means an issue that I'd consider to occur frequently, but it's something that they need to get fixed or at LEAST explain.

MikeGdaGod4297d ago

it happens now and again. i hope when the new controllers are released they'll have this fixed.

THWIP4297d ago

Oh wait....nevermind. ;)

Arkham4297d ago

The instruction manual provides information ("and even pictures!") on how to remove the controller's battery.

Nice try, though.

TheMART4297d ago

Ouch, imagine disconnecting while in the middle of a game... NICE Sony, just Nice

TheGoodMART4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

i fin yous is batty boy an a fan boy, and yous just don't dig da fact dat sony is kickin batty

weekapaugh4297d ago

the people i've seen it happen to had wireless routers right near their ps3s.

hfaze4297d ago

The ONLY time I have had my sixaxis disconnect on me is going into, or coming out of a Playstation 2 game. Other than that, I've had rock-solid connections while playing games.

My guess for the cause of this problem would be something nearby broadcasting in the 2.4Ghz spectrum. My bluetooth headset will disconnect from my phone if I get too close to my wireless router (or the microwave while it's on).

BTW... The XBox 360 ALSO uses the 2.4Ghz spectrum for its wireless controllers... Leaving it potentially susceptible to the same issue..

power0919994297d ago

Although it's not a good thing that this is happening.

I would rather imagine this happen in the middle of a game, instead of the ring of death happening in the middle of a game.

I am guessing it's the BT address given to the machine... recycling, or reconnecting. Hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware update.

r10004297d ago

My friend is on his 3rd xbox...

Nice MS...Nice...

The great 14297d ago

He's pro MS and proably works for them.

Saber4297d ago

I agree look at his avatar, that tells it all...

Shadow Flare4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

mart you extremist, don't act like the xbox 360 was built in heaven. PS3 may have bluetooth problems near wireless routers. Great. Overall ps3's seem to be built extremely well since you sparesly hear of ps3 breakdowns on the internet compared to the 360. You ever heard of the red ring of death? Yeah, id say thats a bigger problem

Least of which are the other problems 360 is having. Try to guess what they are...

Devastator_oftheweak4297d ago

Wow being disconnected during a game of gears because the batteries die becuase the 360 controller sucks batteries dry.....Nice Microsoft, just nice.

Dont act like the 360 doesn't have problems, it has a multitude of problems, from freezing up in mid-game, to the Red Ring of death, to battery sucking controllers. Get over yourself and get a life.

stingray91914296d ago

Hey unixphreak1911 that may be true that the 360 controllers use the 2.4 Ghz range but I use my 360 next to two 2.4 Ghz wireless routers and I have never I repeat never had them loose connection and I have had it since launch.

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TheGoodMART4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

my controlla wurks just wicked and da battery life is amazin too, whun da ps3 says dat da battery is tunnin low, it usually takes anotha our or two before it dies and yous ave to recharge it fa dig 30min to 60min, and dat is fast fa 8 hr or more of usage

stingray91914296d ago

I get 30 - 40 hours out my 360 controllers with a hour and half charge

ElementX4296d ago

fukn speak english, biatch.


The 360 controller does not sucks the battery life fast, and if you have a problem with that, you can use rechargeable batteries and you can also recharge while playing with no problem at all.

OldSchoolGamer4296d ago

Go here with no delay
"All I know is my own ignorance"
well except for your ignorance of the english language, I know that too.

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