EB Leaks PlayStation 3 Price Drop for March 22?

2old2play may have stumbled on a huge leak as an EB Games store has advance knowledge of a March 22 price drop:

Excerpt: "Last night one of community members was in an EB Games store and an employee mentioned a PS3 price drop occuring Sunday March 22nd just in advance of the Game Developer's Conference (GDC). He went on to say that Sony will be issuing a press release on the Saturday before the drop and that EB was already prepared for the upcoming price-drop.

The current "rumor" is that the PlayStation 3 80GB console will retail for USD $300. That would be a $99 price reduction in the console, bringing it closer to reach for many gamers. However, be prepared for Sony to refuse to comment or straight out say this is untrue, it wouldn't be the first time they've pulled that stunt. It's in Sony's best interest to hide the price drop from gamers because we'll halt purchasing of the PS3 until the price drop occurs."

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Pennywise3563d ago

Well, I think we heard of other price cuts the same way.

This would be great news for PS3 sales.

Everyone says MS owns America.. But I dont think it has anything to do with the mfg. name, I think its the price. 140 million people own a PS2... I am sure this price cut will double, maybe even triple PS3 sales.

Lifendz3563d ago

now maybe people can shut the bleep up about it. Every other day it's "teh PS3 itz doomed" or "Sony mus drop teh price." Now maybe we can go back to talking about games.

Dark_Vendetta3563d ago

looks like it's time for me to buy a Ps3. It's not like I don't have money but somehow the price turned me of (I know there is no real reason because the value is great). Now with a 100€ price drop I'm definitely going to buy one :)

crck3563d ago

Other prices cuts were usually leaked retail ads. Until I see one of those there's no reason to believe there's a price cut coming.

DARKKNIGHT3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

the good:
Bluray sales will increase/ lower prices !!!!!
people that couldnt afford it before and were hating on the ps3, can now afford 1.
Less ps3 hating

the bad: immature children on psn. 360 is dead now

ape0073563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

that a big bomb will happen at gdc 09

ps3 will sell like hotcakes if 100$ cut happens

we want more devs working on ps3's potential,with ps3 selling more,all developers will support ps3 and home

more sales=better games

sonarus3563d ago

If they cut the price and start good ad campaign pushing KZ2, LBP, Infamous and some other upcoming games they cna really get some sales. Lots of people want a PS3 but at 400 its a tough sell.

dschommer3563d ago

Let's say for a second (this isn't a stretch) that the PS3 loses USD $100 each time they sell one. Reducing the price means they'd be losing a bit more... so, every sale COSTS Sony money.

This price cut is an investment in their future. At the cost of selling more PS3's they'll hope to gain more 3rd party coverage (esp. given third party developers are begging for a price drop so they can sell games on this console). We won't see a huge investment until the drop occurs, it lands in the hands of consumers AND developers decide to target it and games start cruising off the shelves.

Hopefully a price cut inspires developers to go full steam into the console, not just beg for a price cut.

3563d ago
sonarus3563d ago

Aside from that. Sony has been cutting costs of the PS3 for a long time. The major component that cost the most in the PS3 was the blu ray and that has fallen below 200 bucks. If they cut the price at this point i seriously doubt they will start losing another 100 bucks. They have probably already trimmed that loss down significantly before deciding to take price cutting measures.

In the end, all that is speculation but i am pretty sure last i heard from the people who estimate the cost of production of the PS3, sony was very close to breaking even that is the cost price was getting very close to the selling price

Saigon3563d ago

but I thought it made more sense to do it in April...the begining of the 2009 fiscal year...maybe they need an extra boost to end the 2008 fiscal year...

AAACE53563d ago

I agree, the price is the most important thing. And with Ps3 dropping to $300, it will move alot of units.

But lets be realistic... There are not 140 million 'individual' people who bought the Ps2! I had to buy 5 myself. My brother went through 4. My brother in law went through 8. And pretty much everyone I talked to has went through about 3.

Not to hate on the Ps2 or 3, but if there really were 140 million 'individual' Ps2 owners, the Ps3 would have had the shortage problems the Wii had... and I mean reguardless of price!

Anyway, this price drop could possibly move the Ps3 into the #2 spot and have it in a bloody battle with the competition!

No matter which console you like more... the more they compete... the more us gamers win!

blind-reaper3563d ago

" I had to buy 5 myself. My brother went through 4. My brother in law went through 8. And pretty much everyone I talked to has went through about 3."

WTF??? I only haved 1 from 2001 to 2006... 8 PS2!! that is a lot of PS2s

Pennywise3563d ago

I'm sure some of the numbers were multi sales to the same person or household... but that still counts for something! They liked it enough to buy it again.

All I am saying is with Sony's killer exclusive line up, plus all of the multiplatform games... PS3 with a price drop is the no brainer system to buy. ESPECIALLY if you have a HDTV(Bluray)

JHUX3563d ago

I agree, I had to suffer through multiple ps2's. I had about 2-3 go out on me (I cant remember for sure), but a big part of the problem was I left it on the floor, and it sucked up dust like a champion, but if we are going to assume that the 140million ps2 owners counted all of the people who had to buy multiple consoles due to them breaking then shouldn't that argument be used against the 360 as well? I know many people who simply didn't want to wait the time to send there RROD box in and just went and bought a new one. So if 360 fans want to use that against the ps2, then it's fair for ps3 fans to throw that back at them.

Ju3563d ago

If they do it, they might as well introduce a new revision. Usually Sony never lowers the price without a cost saving inside the machine in some form. In that case, it'll be the 45nm CELL and less parts. I think its realistic to assume, they have reached that milestone now to be able to build this version (it was always targeted "Spring 09", no ?). I hope this is true, though, besides a lower price this would run cooler and quieter again.

johnnywit3563d ago

sony has me in there conner if this is true. I have been waiting a year for a deal like this on the ps3. I think I'll get a PS3, LBP, and ironman on BR. Hell yeah!

eagle213563d ago

Now, I know most believe Nintendo doesn't care. But when PSP took over Japan, Iwata said: "we will never count Sony out." And Sony has $250 Blu-ray players out, I KNOW PS3 already could of had a cut at a profit.

ThanatosDMC3563d ago

But butt... teh Patcher predicted with his crystal ball that it'll happen later!!

RemmM3563d ago

PS3 Price cuts = ^__^

evrfighter3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

as a pc gamer that had just recently given up on owning a console. I will say I know quite a few of my friends on steam (me included) that will definately be purchasing one.

this is only if it really is $99 dollars off. a 50 dollar price cut would be worth looking over my monthly bills and seeing if I could afford it. But a $99 dollar price cut would be a definite must buy.

SoapShoes3563d ago

Well can someone explain to me why they would drop the price now? The big hitter early this year is already out, the next big hit(inFAMOUS) isn't out till June and to me it would just make SO much more sense to drop the price in October where they would get the most out of their price cut.

Danja3563d ago

If this is true then sales will sky rocket for the PS3 I know quite a few ppl who are waiting on a price drop to get a PS3.

but I also think now isn't the best timing im guessing at E3 they should just drop a the megaton price drop announcement right at the end of the show when everyone thinks the Sony conference is over...

Jack Meahoffer3563d ago

This is a joke. I was expecting a leaked flyer or something HALF WAY creditable. Can't believe all you people are even taking this garbage seriously. Even if this EB Games clerk said it theres no reason to think anyone at the store level would know something this super secret a week out.

Had to log in just to comment on how pathetic you brand worshiping console "war" cheerleaders are. This should have never been approved.

n4f3563d ago

april fool is around the corner...

3563d ago
thats_just_prime3563d ago

1st off this is a no name site and they have no prove. I wont believe it till I see it on a real site with a scan of the price.

2ndly I think this would be a huge mistake for sony. They just post a lose of 1.65 billion dollars. It still coast them I believe 50-70 more to make ps3 then they sell it for even with everything theyve done to lower cost of production. So dropping the price by another 100 dolaars means they be losing 150- 170 on every ps3 sold. If you figure they will sell 10 million ps3 this year and that its only takes 150 more to make one. They will lose 1.5 billion in a year. If sony keeps posting those kind of loses they will be filing for bankruptcy in no time.

SprSynJn3563d ago

The fiscal year for Japan is from April 1st until March 31st. If they will drop price, that is a good time as it will show maximum profitability for their next fiscal year as they will have a full year to show off what they are able to sell. I could be talking out of my rear, but this is what I have heard.

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Chris3993563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

But I could be wrong.

My bet is on April/ May. Possibly $50, then another $50 closer to Christmas.

Edit: Disgarees? I don't really know why. It wouldn't make sense for Sony to incur a loss right before they announce their end of quarter results (end of March). That's why I said April/ May.

Besides, 2 price-cuts would stir sales TWICE, as opposed to once; and it allows them to keep their losses down while they keep refining the PS3 (making it smaller and cheaper). Do we all want a $100 price cut? Of course (except for me, my launch 60 giger is working like a champ - BC ftw! :)). Is it feasable? No. It would make better business sense to have two smaller, staggered price-cuts as opposed to one.

meepmoopmeep3563d ago

$99 is quite a big drop, i agree.

$50 seems more reasonable but whatever, i already have a PS3 so it makes no difference to me.

Nineball21123563d ago

I agree with both of you. $100 seems like quite a bit.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last I heard, Sony still is losing money at the current price point.

I could see them take an additional $50 hit per unit to gain back some marketshare, but $100 per unit? I dunno...

However, that would indeed be great news for gamers wanting a PS3 in the current economy. I believe it's worth every penny I spent and I spent a heck of alot more than what they are going for currently. :-)

Ghoul3563d ago

god please no

im waiting 3 months allready for my broken launch 60gb to return. i want to sell it once it returns, any pricedrop smallens my profit ^^

im such a selfish nerd :D

Lifendz3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Would 50 be a substantial enough cut? To the guys that paid launch prices for PS3s, getting one for 349.99 seems like a steal. But we are not the general gaming public that walks into a store and sees a 360 for 200 bucks less than a PS3. One hundred dollars is the perfect price point for PS3. It's just enough for one to psychologically justify the purchase. I think PS3 pretty much has to be at least within 100.00 dollars of the 360. Heck, at this price a PS3 will actually be cheaper than an ELITE!

Expect the Elite to go down to 299.99 and the Arcade sku to be free to anyone willing to take it. Just joking. But no, the Arcade sku will probably go down to 149.99.

The Wii is the only system that is actually talking about raising prices.

PirateThom3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Realistically, it's all speculation about how much money Sony are losing on each PS3.

Its initial production cost was estimated at over $800 (which didn't take bulk purchasing into account). In January 2008 it was halved, according to Sony.

But we haven't really heard anything since then, but at the current cost of $400 and the fact the cost of the components/manufactuering will continue to fall, I'd be surprised if they were still losing that much money on it, if any. Sony's goal was to make some of the money back, and maybe that's what has been happening. Even a $100 price cut, would probably only just put them in the red on the console again, but software sales should see a significant boost.

Edit: The question then comes in, how much can Microsoft cut the priceof the 360 in response, if at all? I've noticed a lot of people seem to think that Microsoft can just cut their prices on a whim to counter Sony, but are they even still making any profit on the 360?

meepmoopmeep3563d ago

i'm not arguing about the price being "nice" for the consumer.

i'm looking at it at business standpoint.

my sister would love a $100 drop to get her first PS3

Ghoul3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

"but are they even still making any profit on the 360? "

they never did, the only console that generates a +is the wii since nintendo earns 50 bucks+ on every sold wii (cheap production costs).
and ever since the 360 had its problem with rrod it got even worse.

without the high attachment rate LIVE income and arcade games, ms would be in some serious problem. Thats also the reason i dont think live will be free within this gen.

btw at the disagrees above :) i really have a launch 60 gb in repair i was being sarcastic guys relax.

kwyjibo3563d ago

You need to take into account that Sony has been hit with the rising Yen as well. It will actually make some parts cheaper to manufacture, but as they're getting less per unit sold it'll hurt them even more. I'm just going by what Nintendo are doing by raising prices, I'm guessing the Sony situation will be analogous.

UltraNova3563d ago

I am one of those people who believe that MS will counter Sony's price cut. I believe that they will give Sony 2-4 weeks after the price cut so they can observe their sales. When and if the ps3 starts to sell more than the 360 on a weekly base I am sure that they will definably drop the price or offer something for free e.g. two games or XBL points to make their console more attractive.

You have to remember that MS is very aggressive they will never think twice about losing money. If that's what it takes to overcome their rivals they will do it no matter what.

My 2 cents


whoelse3563d ago

If they dropped it by $50, some people will be waiting for a price drop later in the year. And many would still complain about the price. A nice round $100 would deliver a killer blow. Initially they will lose more money but it's an investment for them.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed so we have to just wait.

majorsuave3563d ago

"It's in Sony's best interest to hide the price drop from gamers because we'll halt purchasing of the PS3 until the price drop occurs"

Well I pretty much halted buying PS3s since day one, and 300$ is a ceiling price I might spend for a console.... no in March or April though, I might wait for a GOW3 package at a discount price.

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Premonition3563d ago

I dont see why they wouldnt drop the price i mean GDC is nothing small.

no-spin3563d ago

At GDC a big announcement reserve for the very last minute

PS3 80GB at $300
Crowd goes wild, sales go up enough to make trolls cry
Welcome to the Play Station world ladies

Marie3563d ago

This should be interesting.

Kain813563d ago

if this is true than i can Buy my second PS3 i have already a 60Gb version, but i need a second cause my little bro occupies my PS3.

Ghoul3563d ago

new ps3 costs money.
new roll of ducktape for littel brother 99 cents :D

Ghoul3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

im not serious at all :)

this was a joke (ok a weak one) and above was just a selfish rant.

i would love sony to make tat pricecut. it would skyrocket the ps3 above the 360 and maybe but only maybe smallen the hate on the ps3.

Conan9973563d ago

wow, ghoul hasn't seen the dark knight

Ghoul3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

ok you got me there, ;)
i did saw it but couldnt draw a similarity, owned ^^

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