Camera and Mic announced for PS3

Phil Harrison confirms new accessories.

There are reports that Sony's head of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison has let slip a couple more new PS3 snippets ahead of the highly anticipated European launch next week.

Firstly, Harrison confirmed that a new hi-def camera and microphone will be released for the console later this year. Specs, prices and dates are yet to be revealed.

To take advantage of the increased number, PS3 owners will have to download firmware patch 1.6 as soon as they get their machines online, though it will undoubtedly also come bundled with future software.

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SmokeyMcBear4266d ago

and I just got a Sony 8 mp camera at costco, maybe I can take it back. Is this mic for the singstar app? I would assume so.

TheGoodMART4266d ago

i can rap tupacs song song for real wicked, and opefully my talent is cukabillyvered before i get shot at 9 times, just dig 50

timmyp534266d ago

i gotta see that movie.

SmokeyMcBear4266d ago

or is borat an ali G impression.. ha. good stuff.. that borat guy on this website does a good impression