Sony has 'nothing to apologize for'

Following Sony's keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Phil Harrison was very much the man of the hour. Leveling a one-two punch at Sony's competitors in the form of avatar-driven service Home and free-form spectacular LittleBigPlanet, Harrison - president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios - earned a thunderous ovation from the hundreds of game developers and journalists in attendance.

Hot off the success of the keynote, Harrison sat down with GamesRadar - or more specifically, PlayStation Editor Mikel Reparaz and Editorial Director Stephen Pierce - to elaborate on Sony's plans for Home and for the PS3's future.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4296d ago

Yeah say that to all the people playing 8 games and the $600 price tag of forceRAY.

nix4296d ago

dude... did you approve the story too so that you can bring in your friends to flame it? read the article first.

"GR: But as a strategy going forward… if we were to mention things like Killzone, with very sensationalistic demos that are very difficult to realize in actual in-game environments… would you disagree with that?

PH: I'm afraid I do disagree with that; thank you for giving me the option. Before a system is finished, before the tools are available or indeed before developers have had a time to invest in creating an entire experience, it's natural that you would express it in video with computer graphics.

But having said that, what we showed today and yesterday was all running live off PlayStation 3. There were no canned slides, there was no canned video. It was all running live off the box. So you can see with a game as sophisticated as LittleBigPlanet, that we're able to deliver an incredible gameplay experience the very first time we showed that game to the world. So I have nothing to apologize for, for that strategy."

JasonPC360PS3Wii4296d ago

It doesn’t matter that I’m a 360 fanboy, this site is News 4 Gamers not News 4 Xbox. If I were to only to approved or submit news for the 360 that would make me dishonest and a poor member of N4G. As for my opinion about the PS3 and the comment I made “Yeah say that to all the people playing 8 games and the $600 price tag of forceRAY.” It could have been worse because that’s how I feel and it’s my opinion and I have a right to it. As for did I read the story what a stupid thing say as I read everything I approve and just about every other piece of news on N4G. Did my anti Sony comment offend you? “So what” here is some tissue now stop crying and whining because someone doesn’t like your horrible mistake of a movie console or lying company.

nix4295d ago

aaaaaaaaaaachhhhhhhhhooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

here.. take back the tissue! q:

TheXgamerLive4296d ago

Instead of continuing his thoughts about Killzone 2, he quickly moves to how well Little Big Planet LBP looks, lol, to be honest, it looks ok in a toy story (2D) kind of way, but until you see a finished product it's not that impressive. I wouldn't be excited no matter who shows this, it's just ok.

It's more of a Wii type of tool at this point, later could be different but not right now.