Ve3tro - Killzone 2 Review (US), Send them…RUNNING!

Ve3tro US writes: "Adding yet another game to the lengthening list of must have PS3 exclusives, Killzone 2 manages what few games rarely do and lives up to almost every bit of hype that has been building up around it since we first caught glimpses of it as a tech demo in 2005.

As a game it is unyieldingly solid and in its best moments, of which there are many, it is easily one of the finest games on the PS3, easily transcending the lackluster results of its sire and establishing itself as a fully fleshed out franchise to watch in the years to come. It isn't completely without flaws, but at the end of the day they will be largely invisible when compared to the countless things that Killzone 2 does incredibly well.

Just getting them out of the way, the visuals are a feat. While I spent a few hours with Killzone 2 on a high definition television, I played the majority of it on an SD screen and I can say without any doubt that it is the best looking game on any console to date. Everything about the visuals reeks of polish and though the color pallet might strike some as drab, the game vividly portrays a grim, gritty world torn asunder by the carnage of a war.

Everything about the graphics is defined by a smooth organic naturalness. Even the standard rifle that serves as your main weapon throughout the course of the game looks like something special. That said, the environments themselves are nothing compared to the other details that make the game special. "

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Send them…RUNNING!