Levine: "I'm not involved in Bioshock 2"

BioShock designer Ken Levine is "not involved" in the development of BioShock 2, which is being developed by new studio 2K Marin.

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thereapersson3535d ago

I wonder what this will mean for the game?

TOO PAWNED3535d ago

THis is nothing new.....this was well known fact for over a year.
He works on something else, and to be honest that interest me a bit more than new Bioshock

jay23535d ago

I find that very worrying for Bio 2, even with people from Bio 1 on board.

pumpkinpunker3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Yeah, this is kind of scary considering how genius 2K Boston and Ken Levine are. However, you have to give Ken credit for moving on and not just cashing in on Bio.

Look on the bright side though: we're getting both Bioshock 2 and an all new game from 2k Boston.

killswitchmad3535d ago

I agree Levine was the man who gave the original game the correct direction, I applaude him for moving away but I think it can only mean bad things for the sequel.

butbutbuttehcell3535d ago

This has always been the case. He didn't move on I don't think, he was asked to do something else. Hopefully his new project is as intruiging as Bioshock (although that's probably not possible) but the premise for numero 2 does sound good and I reckon it'll be sweet

EvilCackle3535d ago

We knew this last year. He's way the hell on the other side of the country. The rumor was that he was working on a new X-Com game.