Burnout Paradise planes just an April fools?

Back in July of last year, Criterion Games mentioned that it had been experimenting with airplanes as a potential Burnout Paradise add-on; however, with new info claiming that an announcement regarding this is due on April 1st, there's suspicion that such an update could be nothing more than a really long-running April Fool's joke. This information comes from the FAQ section on Criterion's website, where it was specifically stated to "check for an exciting announcement on April 1" for more on the inclusion of planes.

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MaximusPrime3535d ago

yea, got to be april's fool.

including planes in burnout is wrong. how can you do a "burnout" using planes?

Planes will totally ruin Burnout franchise

Th3 Chr0nic3534d ago

agreed if they did include planes they would have to be for sight seeing only id imagine

PS3istheshit3534d ago

but i would put it as a couple planes in the game
and like 10 events
i dont want a burnout paradise 2 for along time
im still not done the game but online is fun as he!!
theres always new updates wen i go on
i gotta start playing that game again

taco_tom2373534d ago

i hope not i would really like to see planes in burnout

mrdxpr23534d ago

Hopefully not i would love to use an airplane since in GTA4 theres no use of planes i cant crash on buildings or on trafic buu ... but hopefully burnout airplanes add on is true and not a fools joke would make me sad and disapointed ,...

xlx-russ_923534d ago

thats one the reasons why i love GTA games, i never do missions, i just have fun killing ppl, blowing up cars/planes lol.

GiantEnemyFlop3534d ago

i would love to see plane crash in Burnout

InfectedDK3534d ago

I would love not to see planes in Burnout. Really.
I actually laughed reading this article.
Ofcourse it was an April's fools :)

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