WiiWare World: Bit.Trip Beat review

A portion of the Bit.Trip Beat review by WiiWare World:

"It seems nowadays if you want to revive a classic videogame idea, you only need add in some pulsing musical beats and some flashy background visuals in order to do so. The creators of Lumines managed to revive the stale "falling blocks" puzzler of the 80's with this formula, so what's to stop someone from doing the same thing for a game that's widely considered to be the granddaddy of video gaming?

The gameplay in Bit.Trip Beat is quite simple. You hold the Wii Remote in your hands sideways. To move your paddle up or down you simply tilt the Wii Remote forward or backward. This is your sole means of control in the game, although you can press various buttons on the Wii Remote to make different sound effects if it makes the overall experience more enjoyable for you.

Your paddle is located at the left side of the screen. During each level a barrage of Pong balls called "Beats" come flying across the screen at varying speeds and patterns of movement. Your job is to make contact with these "

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